My Links page. There are only a few links.

First my daughter has a new site for her association, la Compagnie du Vent.   (note the is no 'la'  in the actual site address.  If you use the 'la' it takes you to a wind farm company!)

Lots of referrals to my site come from Dave Wesner's nice history of balloons site.

I have been a member of the British Balloon and Airship Club since 1970. They are not perfect but they do try very hard and in the UK they are all we've got. If you fly balloons in the UK, or if you are interested in flying balloons in the UK, you should join the BBAC.  If you are in the US you should join the BFA.  In France it's the FFA.

If you want to buy or sell a balloon in Europe go to the Zebedee site.

Next the balloon site to list all balloon sites. Joop de Wilde's balloon pages lists every known site relating to balloons and has a super search engine for the site. Unfortunatly it hasn't been updated since 2011 but there's still a lot of useful links there.

A very nice set of photos was circulated after the Balloon meeting in Metz 2009.  The photos are here.  Click to advance to the next photo.

In the early 1990s one US manufacturer was notorious for making shall we say slightly exaggerated claims for their products.  Someone, possibly an upset customer - I've really no idea who it was - produced a web site mocking their claims which was hosted by Geocities.  Sadly Geocities has now closed it's doors.  Since the mocking site was so appropriate for the time and even though the proprietor responsible for these claims has now departed the company I am happy to reproduce the site, The Balloons Work.   Here are some current FireFly tank fittings I saw in France in 2009 and 2010: Photo one and photo two The owner assures me that he has checked with FireFly US and that they have confirmed that these fittings have approval in the US.  They don't look very safe to me but hey, what do I know?

  The Banque Populaire Val de France is not popular with me. Back in 2004, after taking money out of my account and not telling me why, they closed my account when I objected to their not telling me. I sent many emails without getting a reply until I handed out this pamphlet around the town, then I had a response within 40 minutes!  I later found out that it was my ex wife who had forged my signatute on a bank transfer form in order to pay her wealth tax but the bank refused to give me any indication where the money had gone which might have helped me discover that.  Avoid this bank!

In 2015 I had unbelievable problems with my ISP.  See My SFR Problems

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