Above is the last photo I took of him. And that's how I had to leave him, looking ahead to new places as I myself have to look ahead to new places.

On the 10th of December 2004 I returned to the UK from the USA and because of the strict regulations regarding the importation of pets into the UK I had to find him a new home. So I gave him to a small girl called Birana who loves cats and who lives in Diana, East Texas where he has a lot of ground to explore, and a lot of trees to climb. I was so glad that she had got the best Little Cat in the World but it nearly broke me heart lose my little pal for the last 5 months.

Unfortunately, the story of Little Cat has a sad ending. A really sad ending. I'm heartbroken. I spoke to Oren, Birana's father, from time to time. Little Cat would go out to the woods each morning, and then be waiting for Oren to return home from work. He would spend a lot of the evening sitting happily on Oren's lap, and he was, Oren said, becoming a rather large Little Cat. It sounds me he had a really good home. Oren didn't get his camera fixed, so I didn't get any more photos.

Then one day, early June 2005, he went out, as usual, and never came back. There were some snakes around, maybe one of these got him. Maybe he decided he had liked the life on the road, and came looking for me. Maybe he missed the constant companionship that he had had with me, had been trying to make up for his loneliness by spending his time on Oren's lap, and went looking for a home with more attention. Or maybe he just went looking. We'll never know. But he's gone…………...And he's found a new life, somewhere. Maybe in some cat heaven…..

Wherever it is, he'll be having fun……………..

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