There are photos of Little Cat at the following sites on the internet.  There may be more! He's famous!

Note: To get back to this page after clicking on a link below, use the back button on your browser.   Little Cat's picture is right at the end. (Well, it was there.  But it's not there now!)  Little Cat's picture is almost at the end.  (Well, it was there.  But it's not there now!)   (Oops.  That's gone too!)   Use the search function to find Little Cat.  Or you can read the lot, if you like, I found it interesting, particularly the bit about ME being famous.............Note the picture of the balloon called Little Cat.  The infinite Cat Project.  Cats watching cats watching cats.......... Little Cat is no 535

Little Cat.exe is a rather fun little program to download (300 Kb)  Note:  Windows 10 gives dire warning about running this file!  In this case click more info then run anyway.  To send him away just move to a different page.


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