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"Using 1970's technology in the 90's!"

At The Balloons Work, we specialize in features not found on any other system.
Some of our unique features include:

Our Newest Burner

After several hours of testing, we are proud to introduce the WEEBER 2000 burner system. Several new features include patented drip pan, snuff lid, and aluminum upright system. Also doubles as grill for those after flight parties! Includes an initial supply of Kingsford easy-light fuel.

Color Changing Fabric

Now you can make people think you have several balloons with our new color changing fabric! Be surprised every time you take it out of the bag and find a new color pattern! Just add water.

He-Man Deflation System

Don't be a wuss and buy one of those other inferior balloons with a bunch of extra weight from needless pulleys. Our deflation system is attached directly to the center of the parachute valve requiring the most strength of any system on the market! Fly one of these and everyone knows you're a strong man!

As an added bonus, this line also doubles as a quick ejection system during those especially hard landings when you want to get out quickly anyway.

Emergency Ignition System

Our new emergency ignition system is easy to carry, works most of the time, and is inexpensive. This and a bag of charcoal is all you need to insure continued flight with our new WEEBER 2000 burner system.

Special Offer:
Hit a powerline, win a shirt!

That's right! For a limited time, we are offering a FREE T-SHIRT to anyone who can fly into powerlines! Get 'em while you're hot!

Trust Me!
Lifetime Warranty

We now offer the best warranty in the industry - LIFETIME!*
That's right - we will fix or replace anything we deem wrong with your balloon. Have a problem? Just call us. We'll point out that it is your problem, not ours.

*Warranty does not include anything that occurs before, during or after flight. Keep it in the bag and it's covered (by the bag). Damage due to excessive heat (over 90 degrees F), sunlight, or moisture (humidity over 10%) voids warranty.

Buy your next balloon from us because we invented ballooning!

Call now for a free copy of the BalloonFlyer Gazette, where we claim to have developed fabric, carriages, burners, airplanes and everything else that flys.

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Copyright 1979 by The Balloons Work, Stateside, North California.

This humorous site is intended to spread a few chuckles throughout the ballooning community. Nothing contained herein is meant to be taken seriously, and no reference to any person or business is intended or implied. After all, if there was actually a company like this, Jesus only knows who would do business with them!