Unbelievable problems with my Internet Service provider, SFR, in 2015.  And 2016. And 2017
I should first explain that I have a deal where I get the Internet and phone as an all in one package. It includes free unlimited phone calls to almost anywhere in the World and I should also mention that I have been a subscriber to SFR or a predecessor almost 20 years.

1.  For almost 2 weeks from 22 April 2015 someone else's phone calls were listed on my account.
2.  For the next 7 weeks my phone did not work at all
3.  During the following 7 weeks I was given 13 different phone numbers
4.  On 23rd June my invoice was paid automatically by my bank, as it has been every month for the past 17 years, as client of SFR or it
5.  On 30th June I received a letter saying SFR had not received that payment
6.  On 30th June I sent a proof of payment from my bank
7.  On 17 July SFR emailed to acknowledge receipt of the documents.
8.  On about 2 August SFR suspended my phone without any prior notification to me.  I think this is illegal.
9.  I did not realise until 9 August because up until then my calls were still booked as from someone else's account
10. I phoned and was told the problem would be fixed within 48 hours
11. In the next 10 days I received 4 similar promises but nothing was done.
12. On 14 August I received a call to my own phone number, 1st time for almost 4 months
13. Thereafter it worked intermittently, sometimes I could call out, sometimes people could call me.  Never both
14. On 20 August I received a phone call from the Solutions dept from a man who actually understood the problems, he said it was all fixed, would I pay the balance. He said he would arrange credit for 4 months unsatisfactory operation.  There should have been no balance since all the payments were automatic.
15. I then spoke to someone from payments who insisted I pay the whole balance by credit card, including for a 2nd time the month I had already paid, before they would reinstate my account.
16. I have now again sent copies of the 30 June proof of payment to SFR and currently await the result.
17. Later that same day (20/8) I received a call from someone at SFR making a survey on client satisfaction............
18. Phone and internet cut again about 9 pm 21/8, both back in the morning.
19. In January 2015 m
y router was replaced after which the speed was 2 Mbps. When the above problems started in April it dropped to 1 Mbps.  Since my account was reinstated it has dropped to 0.6 Mbps. If you don't know about Mbps you need around 2 Mbps to watch a YouTube video without stuttering.
20. On 29/8 I received a phone call and an email demanding more proof of payment
21.  I replied requesting proof on non payment, or refund of the double paid account, since I had already supplied proof of payment.
22. On 9/9 I received my monthly invoice which showed I had been given a credit of a little over 3 months charges
23. On 10/9 I received an email informing me that they were referring my complaint to their specialist section...............
24. Since the start of October my Internet speed has been an acceptable 2 Mbps.
25 After several days of occasional loss, I lost all Internet and phone for the whole day 1st May
26 Since then my Internet speed has been running at a lamentable 0.70 Mbps
27 14 May I received an email from SFR saying they were closing all personal websites
on 30 June and I should save all the files from my website.
28 After much investigation I discovered it was only referring to some older setups.  Well that's what I think. It's not clear.
29 So I created a new site, copied all the files over, and it seemed to work, as before.
30 But then I discovered that in creating the new site SFR had somehow made the old site inaccessible.
31 So they could not install a redirect link on the old site pointing to the new, so all 100 or so links that people have made to my old site didn't work any more...............
32 So I am now stuck with 0.70 Mbps, several times a week even this drops out completely, and visitors to my website have dropped dramatically since they can't find me.
33 I'm now stuck with SFR because after a flurry of emails from SFR I was conned into a new contract which apparently means that if I cancel I am stuck with paying for all the value of the subscriptions for the next year.
34 July 2016.  I've now had a couple of bills on the new contract.  One was about the same as the charge on the previous contract, the last one is, unbelievably, 25% higher.
35 I am being charged about 12€ pm for SFR Presse, a service I never requested and did not want, it gives access to French language magazines.  I don't read French well.
36 In spite of many phone calls to SFR, the problems are not yet resolved. I discover that with the new contract I was conned into I am now paying an unbelievable 35c per minute for calls to mobiles instead of 3€ pm for unlimited calls. My speed is now an acceptable 8 Mbps following work on the phone lines but neighbours with Orange get double that.
37 Early September I was able to check my latest invoice. No corrections had been made, although promised during several long phone calls.
38. I wrote to SFR on 12 September, recorded delivery, and requested a solution. See letter.
39. Up to today, 29 September I  have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement.
40. Exactly 1 month after receipt of my letter I received an email saying they had passed on my request, and to be patient!
41 My internet speed is again 0.70 Mbps.  Neighbours get 12 to 18 Mbps. Although currently, 30 November, my speed is now 8 Mbps.
42. Since I had heard nothing further from them I wrote again on 15 November, detailing overcharges of €125.70 overcharged since May and
requesting a refund.
43. 29 November I received an email promising someone would look into my claim for €16 per month credit(??) I am not holding my breath.
44. 30 November I discovered that they had closed ALL personal web sites on 21st November. See numbers 27 to 31 above.  I was never told that they were closing all SFR sites at any time
45. 3 December I managed to send an email to SFR following their limited response to my letter of 15 November and received an acknowledgement and promise of response within 5 days.
46 5 December received a phone call from a very pleasant lady from SFR called Nisirine.  She finished up suggesting a deal which I think I agreed with.  I'll wait until I get her promised confirmation email.
47. 13 Dec. No confirmation email from Nisirine yet nor changes to my contract on the SFR website.  So far this particular problem has been running for 7 months and is not yet resolved.  No credits for overcharges.
48.  January.  Speed again between 0.70 and 1.05 Mbps.
49 19 January phoned Orange to change ISP to Orange to hopefully to resolve all the problems I had experienced with SFR.
50. 24 January.  The contract arrived from Orange for signing, the box arrived, and my SFR connection stopped working.
51.  Phoned from a friend's and spoke to a very nice SFR technical guy - in Morocco - who did tests and said it could only be that the SFR box was broken.  He would send me a new one.
52.  Phoned Orange.  They told me my line with Orange was already activated.  Guess that could be the reason the SFR box stopped working. Although it was a bit quick.
53. 26 January.  I'm up and running with Orange.  First check shows my speed to be 13 Mbps.  Rather better than the 0.70 I was getting with SFR.
54. Seems it's not finished with SFR.  In spite of my espace client showing a cancellation charge of 49€ I think they are now saying they want more.  The help line girls speak such fast French!
55. Just had a call from a charming gentleman called Daniel from SFR who's job was to ask me to change my mind.  He offered a reduction of 15€ per month and confirmed the cancellation fee was 49€.  But I've had too many promises.
56. 28 January.  A new SFR box arrived today.  Finally someone at SFR has done what they promised. Too late for them unfortunately. I returned the old one as requested.
57 31 January SFR acknowledged receipt of my cancellation letter and on 15th February acknowledged they had overcharged 15€ per month total 92€.
58 9 March Orange have charged me the amounts promised, and SFR have credited  the 92€, together with the cancellation charge of 49€ which will be reimbursed by Orange
All is now over, I think. 
60.  Oh-oh.  It's not.  The invoice from SFR issued on 5/3 showing the above credits and charges, total credit 76.59€, promised to be refunded on 15/3 had not been paid to me by 24/3.  I phoned but had an unintelligible response.
61.  I then had a phone call back, on the 24th, promising refund would be made in April.  It was due the 15th March
62. Received a cheque 76.59€.  Presumably that's the end of the story.
63. Jan 2018. Every invoice from Orange has been exactly as promised, and internet speed has remained around 20x faster than with SFR.........

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