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Food and views

During September I climbed the Pic du Midi 2872 metres (9,500 ft)
and this is the view from the cable car near the top. (No I didn't climb by foot!)

Here is a view of the Pyrenees (40 miles, 60 km) away

This is another view.  One I took earlier. From just about directly over my house.  Pyrenees in the distance.

You know you sometimes see a superb panorama that is too wide to get on a single photograph?
I recently found a program that would automatically stitch together several separate photographs.  
The following are the results of 3 normal photos stitched together. The first close by my home.  
The mountains didn't come out as well as I hoped.

This I took this in South Eastern France 3 years ago,

This is Canada 2006

And this is the USA also 2006.

Mushrooms.  I picked them myself.

I caught some in my garden, some in my neighbour's garden (he was away) and some behind my garage.

All, except the beetroot, fresh from my neighbour's garden.  (He said I could pick them while he was away!)

Lunch in the garden, late October. Local produce, tomatoes from the same garden
(Thanks Michel.)

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