August 8th 2009

Actually I'm now safely home, after my trip, so anyone who was wondering if I would get home without brakes, now you know, I did it. 
It was a bit slow down the hills in 1st gear, but I did it. 

I'll continue from my night on the top of the Col du Somport  (1,632 m, 5,354 ft)

First, this is the view towards the Col heading south.  Before I got to my parking spot.

In  the morning I took a photo of the now abandoned border customs post.  At least one of my correspondents has not understood that there are now no customs posts inside the EEC.  No customs posts, and, generally, the same currency throughout.   Much like the US, only the EEC is bigger.  Which just means that there are more people to disagree with each other.  And more functionaries to dream up stupid new rules for such gentle pastimes as ballooning which they then apply throughout the EEC.

This would have been a nice photo if I'd thought to move the post.

Now, I am climbing back out of the valley, heading further west.

A church.

And a street

and a road.

Then a view.

This is where I'm headed.

This is a narrow streetNote the car parked at the end.  I could get down there (just), but US RVs and even European camping cars, could not.

This was a narrow bit of the valley.

And a village.

Here's a view.

And another village scene.

I'll stop here, mainly because it's late and well past my bed time, but also because the next pictures are quite big.  I've stitched together 9 photos to make a 360 degree panorama and I haven't yet decided the best way to show them.

continue on...              Get me outa here!