Mirande, 25th July 2009

I'm planning on making another, very short, trip.  So first I'll try to catch you up with the earth shattering events that have happened since my last email.  I've more or less forgotten what I've been up to, so I'll just run through some photos.

First, a while back, I bought some wine.  I also bought some Armagnac.  Armagnac is very similar to brandy (aka cognac). I bought some 5 year old, and some 16 year old.  Wow!  Lovely stuff.  Well, actually, the 16 year old was bought as a gift by my host for the trip, as a thank you for taking his son for a balloon flight a few weeks earlier.  These are barrels of Armagnac.......

Just one of those barrels has enough content to keep a whole city happy for a week.

There was a fete of some sort in the local town.  But the man who gives kids rides was there. Now he has two dogs sitting on the horse, only one before.  Rides are totally free, but there is a box for donations, if you wish.  I don't think he gets anywhere near covering his expenses, but he gives a lot of pleasure to a lot of children.

I've done some ballooning this year.  Here is a view from one trip.  We took off just a bit behind the spot were I took the photo.

Oh and here's a real, rare, treat for you.  A photo of me!

This is my local metropolis, our village.

I had an unusual bird visitor, a hoopoo.

And now I'm going to bed, because it's late.

More to follow.
               Get me outa here!