In the morning after leaving my pleasant overnight stop by the lake  I headed off towards Trebes, found the canal du Midi, and watched 4 canal boats drop through a sequence of 3 locks.  I didn't think to take a photo until that had all finished, and finally took one of some boats waiting at the first level to climb into the second.  After about an hour of watching I moved on.  I never found the 'aire de camping cars' so maybe it was fortunate that I had stopped earlier.  My book listing the 'aires de camping cars' is 5 years old, things can change in that time!

On leaving the canal I found the mother of all traffic jams heading into town.  So I headed the other way.  Even after the point where I diverted, the queue was about a mile long, seeming permanently stationary.  The new route added about 20 miles to my itinerary and although very pretty I could have done without the extra distance since I was heading home today, and didn't want to make it in a rush.

This was back on my original route, and a nice view.

Here is where I stopped for lunch.  Kitten had a run around.

I took a photo of the château at Foix

After that I meandered back home.

A week or so later it was the village fete, with several lunches, dinners, dances, skittle matches, boules, etc.  Lunch on Saturday was particularly good.

Tables outside under the shadow of the big old trees beside the church.

Next day, Sunday, I took a trip to Spain partly for the view and partly to stock up on liquor, it's about 30% cheaper than in France.  I bought several litres of Spanish brandy at €7.75 which is about $10.50.  It tastes great!  There was a waterfall on the way.

There was a dinner in the village that evening, but I didn't take photos.

A few days later Eleanor arrived hoping to do some flying but we've had mixed weather just about all the time.  Nearly always the forecast has been on the margin - maybe OK, maybe not.   Yesterday morning finished good for flying, although the forecast was not good.  This evening all the weather stations said it would rain at 5 pm.  It didn't look like it would rain and it didn't rain. I work on the principle, if the met man says it will be bad, then, even if I think it will be good, I don't fly.  If the met man says it will be good, and I think it will be bad, I don't fly.  We both have to think it will be good.  We have managed to make a couple of  flights which were pleasant.  She's back in Paris now, but returning before Christmas, maybe we'll get some better weather.

That's the end of this series.  Thank you for joining me on my travels etc, I hope you enjoyed travelling vicariously with me.

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