I remarked in my last email that I went up a track to park for the night and stopped at a great view. 

This is the view, 2 photos stitched together.  It was a great view to wake up to, the sort of thing you rarely get in a regular hotel.

Kitten had a great time exploring the field and the hedge and everything round about.  Trouble is, you need to watch him.  He
doesn't even consider getting lost because he thinks he knows everything.  You may have noticed a similar thing with you own kids when they were, maybe, around 16?  He's not that old, even in cat years, but already he thinks he knows it all.

In the morning I continued on to Meyrueis where I bought a baguette.  That that's not really unusual, but that baguette was probably the most delicious I have ever tasted.  The crust was crisp, but easy to cut.  The bread inside just fell apart, light as the sky.  It was wonderful!  I have written to the Tourist Office to ask them to say thank you to the boulanger for making a great baguette.

Meyrueis is the start of the Gorges du Jonte.

Part way along the gorge is the Maison de Vautures - House of the vultures.  Open all year said the sign, but when I called it was very definitely, shut.  Never mind.  There were still lots of vultures flying and gliding over the gorge.

A village

I forgot to show you this photo of Kitten travelling in one of his favourite places.  From time time I stand on his tail.  Doesn't seem to deter him from wanting to sleep there.

More Gorges of the Jonte.

Now we are in the Canyon de la Dourbie.  (I think)

After here I headed straight south to Lodeve, then followed a route I had taken in 2005.  Except this year it was getting on towards stopping time for the night, I had noticed an 'Aire de Services Camping Cars' at Camares, so I headed there.  It was a good choice.  Unlike the aire at Florac, there were only half a dozen camping cars, and the parking spot was at the side of a recreation lake.  Kitten had a great time, and I enjoyed the view.

In the morning a police car pulled in behind me.  Ooops I thought, what have I done wrong?   As you do. 

I watched them in my rear view mirror.  They were drinking coffee and eating buns.  Relief.  They had just found a quiet spot for breakfast by the side of the lake.  And none of the visitors would report them for taking breakfast whilst, presumably, they were on duty.

I took this photo the next morning.  I don't remember exactly where.

I don't rememberer where this was either.  But that was where I was going, along that street.  Would have been a little tough for a 40' RV............

The trip above is also covered in my 2005 Europe trip,  the latter part of 6 and the early part of 7.

I was heading for another 'aires de camping cars' by the Canal du Midi close to Carcassonne but on the way noticed a lake.  I pulled in to have a look.  There was a picnic area by the lake, with tables.  It looked interesting so I stopped.  First of all Kitten needed to have a run around and off he went.  There were trees to climb, bushes to explore, but not a lot of places where he could get lost.  OK I thought, we'll stop here.

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