My overnight stop at the viewpoint was cold.  Very cold.  Really very cold.  At home I have been sleeping under a sheet and a light blanket, on my trip I have already started to use my sleeping bag, and that night  I wore tee shirt and socks and was still cold......Of course it was a viewpoint and therefore quite high, about 3,000 ft.   My feet didn't warm up until about lunch time.  There were a couple of trees near my parking spot.  Kitten climbed both and also most of the bushes around.

Here is the view.  Great to see in 'real life' but too distant for a photo to do it justice.


Driving along the Corniche Kitten was now relaxed about travelling in the van.  He took up a position that reminded me of the last photo I took of my Mexican Little Cat before I had to leave him with friends in the US.  Here is that photo from 2004.

and here is Little Cat 2 taking up the same position in a different van on a different continent 6 years later.

While I was about it I took a few more photos of him travelling. Or maybe not travelling.

and just while I'm showing you his photos here's one I took of him earlier, when he was really little, with his Mum.  While she still loved him........

Another view along the Corniche Corniche des Cevennes

As I dropped off the Corniche I passed by a small town, St Jean de Gard, at the entrance to the town was an advert for a supermarket, with petrol, at the other end of the town.  I thought it a good idea to get some petrol so I diverted in the direction of the supermarket.  After 10 miles at the entrance to the next town there was another sign for the supermarket, only a few minutes further on it said.  Luckily there was another supermarket just ahead, so I did not have to patronise the one that had misled me so much.

I changed my planned rout a touch and continued on.

One time when I was travelling Mexico, I posted a series of photos of different waterfalls.  Tom Donnelly was kind enough to point out that two of the waterfalls were not different waterfalls at all but were actually the same one,  with photos taken from different  vantage points.  Well, to save old Eagle Eyes flicking back and forth to an earlier similar photo, I'll confirm that the next village is not the same one as above.  I've checked.

The rather strangely named Abime de Bramabiau.   It's a good size underground river which exits through the vertical slit in the cliff face.

It was getting towards time to stop.  I noticed a track running up off my route and took it.  One of the advantages of having a smaller than usual camping car is that you can get to places other camping cars cannot.  I wouldn't have dared go up there in a regular camping car.  After a few hundred yards there was a suitable looking field entrance with a great view, so that is where I stopped.

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