Hey, Hi you all

Here's another random update.  Since my last missive I haven't done a lot. But I like it that way.

I did tile the floor on my spare bedroom - Eleanor's room - and here's a photo.  Not very exciting.  Either for me to do or for you to look at.  But now would be a good time to tell me you are happy to survive without my updates.

So, if you are still here, last weekend I headed north to make the 5 annual inspections I have been planning. 

On the way to my first call I noticed a sign to the Terrace of the château at Fumel.  Super view. Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Doesn't look that much on the photo above, but it took 5 separate photos to get that, all stitched together.  But hey, just think, that photo covers about 180 degrees, so go back, take another look. By the time this update gets posted on my website you'll be able to click on it and get a bigger picture.  But it's not there yet.

I really should make the photo of the tiles smaller, and that of the terrace view bigger, to do the view justice.

Here's a picture of the château itself.  Now it's the Marie, or town hall.  I don't know what you call that in American.  The Centre of Local Administrative Decisions, possibly?

Just at the side of the Château was the church.

I drove on, and saw a sign off the main route, to the Château Bonaguil.  For some reason I turned off, and followed the sign.  Suddenly, just rounding a hump in the road, I saw the château.

I loved my tours of the US but I never saw anything like this.

I was now running a little late but I paused to take a photo of someone's house.

The next photo isn't here.  My first call was with Peter Beglan, He's being using his retirement to renovate a house which he has now sold.  I forgot to take a photo, and so far Peter hasn't sent me a photo.  So just imagine it.  It's sort of like the house above, but with only one tower, square, forget the stuff on the right.

After I left Peter I took a few more photos.

I went to Lascaux 2.  The last time I tried, they told me, today is full, so is tomorrow, can you come back the next day?  Well, today was out of the tourist season, so I could get in straight away, as soon as they reopened after lunch.

I took in the local view while waiting for lunch to finish.  Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Now, you may not have heard.  It was at Lascaux that they found some cave paintings since accurately dated, at 17,000 years ago.  You got that?  17,000 years ago.  Forget the discovery of America, fireworks from China, or even the Indian paintings from the late 1800's proudly shown to me near El Paso.  These paintings at Lascaux are Old!  They are so old, and so precious, that they have sealed off the original caverns, and have constructed an underground duplicate. 

They are so old, and so precious, even with the duplicates, that you are not allowed to take photographs.  So I'll not show you the next photo.

Painted 17,000 years ago.  Or at least, a very exact copy, even to the rock.

This beast was, in this state, and in the original, 5.5 metres (18 ft) long.  I couldn't hide my camera long enough top show you it all.  But the detail is amazing.  Just think.  17,000 years ago.  And I, and many others, are fascinated by the Maya civilisation, and that's only about 1000 years ago.

Next day I went through the annual on Caroline's balloon, then Barbara's. Then we took a little fly around in Barbara's plane.

We flew around some local spots.  Marie lives here, photo below, and it was in her barn, the big building at the top, that I stored all my things while I was travelling the US and Mexico.  Of course, I don't have enough stuff to fill a barn of that size, just part of it.  If you look carefully you can just see Marie waving, right front of the garden, that's the brown patch mid right.

I now noticed this email is getting a bit big.  So in deference to those with a slow connection,  I'll send you the rest later.

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