Christmas Update part 2.   10th February 2010

Bet you didn't think you'd get this.  Well here it is.  Nearly summer and I send you a Christmas update.  Nearly an early update for next Christmas.

Not only is it late, as far as Christmas goes, but there's not a lot of content.  Because I've still not done much.

So now is a good time to stop reading this, or to email me to say stop.  But if you like animals, hang around.  This issue is mostly about critters,

In my Christmas email I showed you a photo of Sophie, the visitor cat, in my Christmas tree.  Last year I showed you photos of Smokey, also visiting.  He's at the bottom of the page

Smokey was Sophie's pal.  They played together like crazy.  Even ate together.

He was also my pal, and certainly a pal of his 'people'.  Sadly, we lost him on the road a few months ago.

Tears all round.

Except probably from my cat Pica.  (Eleanor's cat Pica, to be exact).  Pica didn't like him.  She doesn't like Sophie much either.  I don't think she likes any other cats.  I think she only likes people.  Here she is having a drink.

And here she is in front of my keyboard.  It's not the first time, as you can see, there is a photo of her on the computer screen, taken earlier.  "I want your attention, I don't want to be shared with a keyboard!" Sometimes she will stick her little face in mine, little wet nose and all.  Usually I take the hint and give her food.  If not she starts gently biting me, to drop the hint, food please!

On the extreme left, just behind the clock, is the balloon instrument, still next to the TV, still awaiting repairs.  Maybe I'll fix it during the year.  If I can find the time.

Looking at that old photo above also reminds me.  I have since bought some superb computer speakers.  It's shifted computer music into another dimension.  The ones in the photo cost around 20€, but the new ones at 80€, about $100, are way better than the old ones. I didn't realise Internet music could sound so good.   I listen a lot to LastFM, and even pay to subscribe to their service.  Now I notice that Deezer have started to offer a similar service so I reckon I'll go that way.  I don't mind paying but Deezer is free.  I like free.

We had around 150 or 200 cranes fly over.  Presumably returning from migration.  I followed them for about 15 miles as they flew along the valley, following the river.  They flew very fast, something like 40 mph, I had trouble keeping up with them.

Fortunately the stopped for a while every 3 or 4 miles and milled around, seemingly checking with each other, which way should we go now, just like we stop to check the map.

I'll stop here.  The next bit is already written but this email is getting a bit long.  It's also the end of the critters section.  So please expect the next bit of Christmas Update 2009 part 2 to follow in a few days. Certainly before next Christmas.   Also ignore the date at the start of this email, 10th February.  That's when I started it. Today is 9th April. 

Life is sweet when there is no rush to do stuff.

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