Wayne Mohring in Norfolk Nebraska

Wayne's not currently on the balloon list but used to be. I made a 5 week tour of the US three years ago, Wayne produced a wonderfully detailed itinerary for me for that trip (pages and pages of information!) information gleaned he says from his time as a truck driver when he drove on every interstate and visited all but 5 of the US cities. Probably he was the only truck driver with a degree in commerce and now he's finance director of the local hospital. So it was great to get to meet him and his family. Dinner at a French restaurant tonight. On me! Here's a picture of Wayne outside his house. Not a lot you can say about the picture. Wayne reckons it's the reason I didn't take any more pictures for the next 2 days. The car is my rental car. My bedroom was top window on the right.

Wayne outside his house.

I next called to see Gary Palmer, John Gunderson, Orv Olivier and Ed Chapman.

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