Don Piccard, Minneapolis

Next I spent a couple of days with Don and Wilma in Minneapolis, Don took me on a day long guided tour of the city. Lunch in a teeming workmans café - I loved it! I had seen Don only once before, back in 1970, when I saw him make a short flight sitting astride a tank instead of a basket, but I never actually got to speak to him, so it was a great pleasure to finally meet him in person. Since we were running out of specific country restaurants the second night we headed off to an Ethiopian restaurant. Tough to beat that one. It was surprisingly good. As long as I remember hearing Ella Fitzgerald sing and Louis Armstrong play I shall remember meeting Don Piccard. And linking those three together means a lot to me. Great to meet you Don, Willie also. Hope to see you soon to help with your next project and as a note to others I'll remark there's life in the old dog yet……

Downtown Minneapolis. That's Don's truck in front.

That's Don by the Minehaha Falls.

And no, he's not pointing to the falls, he's pointing to a rock formation.

Part of Minneapolis taken from the Museum of modern art.

I don't understand modern art. Even, I don't think there IS anything to understand with some modern art. (We only went because it's free on Thursdays. And because Don took off from near there on his 1947 Japanese paper balloon flight.) Now, that church over there, that's beautiful.

I've left Don 100 miles away in Minneapolis. That's me overlooking Winona MN and the Mississippi.

Thanks Don, great to meet you, great hospitality.

Next call was to Sam blackburn in Preston MN. Click on his camp fire below


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