Danny Campbell Des Moines Iowa

I spent a couple of nights in Danny's home. Your feet hardly touch the ground when you call by Danny. I was hardly in his house a couple of minutes before I was whisked off to a superb Mexican restaurant. Next day was a visit to the balloon museum and a flight in the ReMax balloon with a couple of passengers then turkey dinner at Karen's parents house nearby. That's not to mention a breakfast at Porky's and a lunch at Robins Wood Oven Grill and what seemed to be numerous visits to a selection of Super Wallmarts and various computer shops. For anyone interested Danny says what he thinks and likes you to do the same but he can fly a balloon and is great with passengers and farmers! He (and Karen) are welcome at my house any time. Any time at all.

Deep fried turkey. Tasted good too.

We took off from the car park just to the left of the buildings.

Des Moines outskirts

More Des Moines

Ah. That's me. Above Des Moines.

Danny let me fly his balloon.

Me again. Still flying the balloon.

Actually Danny took all these photos. Thanks for the flight Danny.

My next call was to Wayne Mohring

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