I left you with a photo of the old town square at Ainsa. This is one of the streets running off the square.

Looking south, driving east.

Maybe now is a time to mention, you have probably realised that the Pyrenees are a stretch of mountains between France and Spain, on the 'neck 'of the Iberian peninsula. Whilst not quite on the scale of the Alps or the Rockies they are pretty well up there with the best. Total length of the mountain chain is over 200 miles and highest mountain is 3,404 metres (11,168 ft). Some maps show it as 3408 metres but that was before they measured it accurately. A topographical map is here


Having got that image, you can click it to get an even bigger map, but it's 6 Mb, takes an age to load even with a high speed connection.

So here is my route. I'm actually home by now and catching up on the travel reports, so it shows the whole route since I know where I've been. In the reports I'm writing I've just left Ainsa, bottom left.

A narrowish ravine.

Mountains. I've lots of photos like this.

And a village........

I hid on a patch of scrub in the valley, behind a power station, for the night.

In the morning I drove up and up, on a small road, up to 2,200m (7000 ft). I forgot to show this road on my map! The photo below just shows the top bit of the road.

At the end of the road there was a tunnel.

I wondered, why on earth should anyone build a tunnel like this, up there, at the end of such a small road. The tunnel is 2 Km long, more than a mile, and is currently open only to foot traffic. At the other end is a lake, with a hydroelectric dam, that's all. Nowhere else to go. A few hikers use it now, now that the dam is finished.

Going down.

A village street. In this back of beyond village there was a government information centre, I had an interesting personal tour by the English speaking young lady running the place.


A waterfall. I drove about 40 minutes there, and 40 minutes back, to see this. This is the single road on my mapped route just north of Vielha. The waterfall was lots more impressive than it looks on the photo. Standing on the viewing area, just off the picture half way up on the right, there was a constant spray in the air.

I'll sign off with more water

and another village street.

I found a small parking area just off the main road, the start of several walking routes, and parked there for the night.

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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