Still travelling, back in France now.

But to continue my journey from my last email.

I hadn't reached the Pyrenees yet. But I spotted this camping car on the way. Eat your heart out any US RV owners. This trailer has slide outs with balconies, there is a third balcony at the back, hidden behind the caravan.

Now I'm getting into the mountains. This is a basket of flowers.

This is some water in Arreau

It's a while back. This is a village. I forget just which one.

And this is the view from a 12th century Chateau, what's left has been mostly rebuilt, the view is better than the building.

Cows. They seem quite content. Why not? They've got a great view.

I continued climbing up the pass, and it got cloudy and came on to rain. I left the main route and parked beside a ski machine workshop for the night.

Again, it's late, as I write almost a week later, it's time for bed. And it's raining, yet again.

Ah. You may notice I am no longer suggesting, below, that you explore the website of my neighbour. That's because some ISP's construed that as spam and bounced my emails. So if you want to know what he does you will have to go to my web site and follow up on my links page, or do a Google search on foiesgras.lahille.

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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