I'm confusing myself now. Maybe I should stick to the simple things of life.  As far as I can see, I sent the following mail to myself, with a copy to myself, but didn't send it to anyone else.

It doesn't help when with some internet connections I can only send through gmail. With others gmail doesn't work but I can send through my club.fr account.  This latter is a password protected network that associated with my club-internet ISP. Grrrr!

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Andorra 1st July

I was shopping in Andorra this morning.  Andorra has great prices on EVERYTHING. I bought a digital kitchen scale for 10 Euros and a coffee maker for less than 3 Euros.  That's the same as I paid earlier in the week for  small saucepan to heat the water for my instant coffee!  At my last currency check - in April - 1 euro was $1.50.

I noticed a camera lead for 2.50. If you didn't get the euro sign before 2.50 your computer is out of date.

I thought 2.50 could not be the right price so I checked.  It should have been 4.50.  That's still about half the price I paid in Australia last time, and that was already half what I paid in Italy the time before.  So I changed my resolution and bought the lead. Now I can save my photos to the computer.  And you'll get some pictures.

I'll start by catching up.

I took this soon after I left home.  It's pretty well what it looks like where I live.

This is the first town going south.  About 10 miles from me.

Then this is the next town in line. The Marie is the town hall.

Well that's it. I started late.  Time for bed.  More photos later...........

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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