These are some of the comments I have received, latest first

Jerry England I, for one, have lived your Mexican Adventure. It has certainly given me a perspective of the country that I would not have learned on the sandy beaches of Cancun. A most excellent adventure dude! (5 Nov 04)
Ed Chapman Your travelogues have been delightful!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us...
Paula DiLiberto You are doing what I have always dreamed of doing but never have.
Colin Butter A note to say how much I've enjoyed the updates of the current visit. You really should think about publishing.
Wayne Mohring You should write a book of your travels. Sell it on Ebay. Great retirement income potential.
Lynne Hastie Firstly let us congratulate you on an amazing web site. We are planning our honeymoon to Mexico next year and found loads of ideas from your diary.
Jeffrey S Drilling Just want to say thanks for the writing. It's both entertaining and informative...
Toby Greensides Just a quick note to say thanks for sharing your trip with us. What fantastic reading it has made.
David Drum I am sad for it to end. I have looked forward to your emails. Please keep them coming even though you are back in the more familiar U. S. of A.
Jeff Drilling I enjoyed the email, keep'em coming.....
Greg Winker I can hardly believe your Mexico adventure is over. Iíve really enjoyed the travelogue - reading every word, enjoying every picture, agreeing with so many of the things you write about. You have been an (almost) daily part of my life for the last six months. Iíll miss reading your updates, sharing your adventures
Tim Chilvers I shall be sorry not to hear from you on a regular basis - your news was much enjoyed - not just by me, I may add, since you now have a number of colleagues hanging on your lips.
Wayne Mohring I sure enjoyed reading your travel accounts
Jim Desch I have enjoyed your posts and PLEASE keep me in your adress book
Anne Marie Klein I enjoy each and everyone of it - and continue to dream that one day Michel and I could go on a similar trip.
Bill and Suzie Flynt We have been following your Mexico travels with interest and the adventures of "small cat."
David Tanzer And I continue to enjoy your travelogue and envy your adventure. It definitely raises the wanderlust in me, especially for the country I love so much.
Joseph Hill Been enjoying the photos you sent, like having my own National Geographic reporter!
Tom Donnelly I've enjoyed your screed about Guanjuato very much, a good memory for me.
Cindy Wallace Rick and I continue to enjoy your travels.
Diane Scicluna Iíve been reading your journals with more attention now, ever since you have a newcomer acompanying you on your travels. PS Wonderful photos as always!
Whit Landvater GREAT picture of the cat! Looks like you have a good little buddy there with you! <G>
Tom Donnelly We all want to see cat "Astrophy", sod the waterfalls. Volcanoes, more more more.
Shane Robinson I'm really enjoying your reports from Mexico.
Greg Winker The fact that you are having the time of your life is coming through loud and clear. I can hardly wait until I can do a trip like this myself.
Horst Herwig Your Mails are very interesting,
David Tanzer Hi David. I continue to enjoy your travelogueóthanks for the great stories and reminders of what a wonderful country Mexico is.
Meg Graf Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the posts and pictures.
Larry and Page We had no idea how beautiful Mexico is. Your description of 'green, green, green' sounds like our Ozarks, but we lack the waterfalls.
Tom Donnelly I would like to point out that yesterdays, "Two waterfalls" followed two shots later by, "another waterfall" is the same godam waterfall photo. Different angle.
Whit Landvater Again, great pictures!
Herb Heriford Once again I just want to thank you for this adventure through your eyes. If you do get the opportunity to travel Europe I hope you will indeed keep us informed and entertained. I have saved all of your posts even though I know I could go to the website and read them just because...I CAN!
Herb Heriford Anyway, enjoy your trip to the fullest. It is a dream for many of us, and we thank you for sharing it.
Whit Landvater You must have been drunk when you told me last year that you take terrible pictures... these have all been great!
Tim Chilvers Have you read Prescott's "Conquest of Mexico"? Your adventures encourage me to start it again!
Whit Landvater Because of your posts, Carrie and I are now going to start Spanish lessons and possibly make a similar trip in the future!
Larry and Page Just a brief note to let you know how much we enjoy your journal. Perhaps you should let your readers vote on your next destination - we have the sense that we've been in Mexico with you, and there are other places we'd like to go!
Micki Killingsworth Oh my God... David has a picture of himself in SHORTS!!! Hell has frozen over! <lol>
David Tanzer Thanks for providing a wonderful vicarious travel experience!
Daniel Bron you do a very good trip in Mexico ' I am glad to read your different experience
Anne Marie Klein And actually your pictures bring back these old dreams of traveling the world, dreams that get lost in our daily tread mills
Don Piccard Are you sure those are sausages?
Jeannine Kahl Love your e-mails, sounds like your having a wonderful time.
Page Kalakuka Of course people want to receive your trip notes! Your observations are insightful, interesting, and include the crankiness and joy of travel.