Aftermex 2, 31st August 2004

I drove down into Alpine along more of the Coronado Trail, still very beautiful but not the majestic views I saw yesterday. In Alpine I picked up my mail including the papers about the RV insurance which I needed to complete. So I set up office at a picnic table. Could be worse surroundings for an office.

I headed for the campground at Big Lake. There's a big view on the way here too.

I reached the campground at sunset.

I took more leisure time in the morning, took a shower, drove around the lake, talked to the ranger in the visitor centre who was fascinated that I came from Yorkshire, it's the top place she wants to see, she is particularly fascinated by Scarborough and wants to walk the coast to coast path from Whitby to the Lancashire coast, taking about 2 weeks. Of course my family all come from the Scarborough area, I used to spend my school holidays there. So I said to drop me an email when she knew when she was going.

I picnicked at another table alongside a lake and started editing my cat photos. My Mexico web site is about in it's final state now, I have included a list of recipients of my mails and the comments some of you have made. They're attached in case I have got something wrong. I forgot to mention, my total distance traveled in Mexico was about 13,000 miles, probably at an average of about 30 mph. (There are topes everywhere, there are lots of good views, many of the roads are bumpy and twisty, and I drive slowly anyway when I am not in a hurry.)

I forgot to take a photo of the big lake. However, this is where I had lunch,

and this is another lake.

I continued to a campsite a touch further on, along a very bumpy unpaved road. I had a rotten night, I had caught the same sort of stomach bug I caught in my last few days in Mexico, only this time it was worse. Seems I spent half the night in the loo, and I didn't sleep the rest of the time. I was cold, it's over 9,000 ft, and the van central heating didn't work. It was OK yesterday morning, I tested it, the bumpy road had bounced it out of place. It was a new thought to me, that I could be cold in Arizona.

I didn't do much the next day. I soon got tired of sitting in the sun feeling ill so drove on, reaching a campground by the Petrified Forest about 2pm, and then just sort of dozed. I missed out on lunch and dinner but did make a big hole in a 2 lb. bag of grapes.

Best regards

David Barker

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