18th March Mexico 9

Here are some of the views on the road from San Cristobal to Palenque. First a waterfall.

Now some pictures en route

This is the waterfall Misol-Ha

Now some pictures from the ruins at Palenque. Temple de la Cruz

View from the temple de la Cruz

The palace

Temple de les Inscriptiones

This is also the tomb of Hanab Pakal. The tomb is now closed to the general public, but if you call at the museum before entering the site and make a specific request, and are literate enough to write down your reasons for needing to view the tomb, then you are given an appointment. I got to see it, it was worth a bit of head scratching to think of my good reasons. The appointment was late afternoon so I decided to stay in Palenque another night instead of moving on.

I'm actually staying at a camp site/RV park. There was a rebellion in this area 2 or 3 years ago, there have been robberies along the road, and I've got the feeling Americans are not well liked by some - although only some. Most people give a friendly wave when the see the van is American but a small boy threw a bottle in the road after I passed, a guy in a quarry threw a stone in the general direction of the road while I was driving past. Maybe I'm imagining it. Anyway I'm in a campsite, it's costing me $5 a night. There's warm (not hot!) showers, clean washing and toilet facilities. I've met some great people here. Mac from Quebec, left this morning, he's been coming around here for around 40 years, works 8 months, comes here (or around here) for 4 months each year with his RV. He stays in the same sort of places I do. There's a young guy from Alaska, one more payment to go on his university loan, he was fixing his car. There's a lady masseuse from Vancouver Island on the way to Costa Rica, driving a VW camper, picking up work on the way. She's also picked up a young lady friend. I don't mean to insinuate anything there, I just don't know! (what a day and age we live in. Time was you were allowed to make a friend of someone of the same sex without needing to explain it away) There's a French Canadian in a big rig with his car behind, he's pleasant. I realise my conversational French is better than it was, I managed to talk to him in French almost intelligibly (although maybe not intelligently) . There's a French Canadian more or less lives here in a cabin. There's a whole bunch of people living behind in open huts, sleeping in hammocks. Mac says they're all on magic mushrooms and most don't have the money to get back home. There is a nice bar restaurant here, I had a superb fish thing last night for dinner, all of $7, I think it was the most expensive item on the menu. There was some good live music too. It's 8 pm. Time to go investigate tonight.

Best regards

David Barker

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