Mexico 60, 20th July 2004

In Chacula I found a bunch of puppies, 11 in total. Here are 10 of them.

From there I headed North, pausing in San Blas to buy provisions, heading to Mexcaltitan, a small island where it is reputed the Aztec peoples originated from, leaving here around 1116 eventually arriving Tenochtitlan around 1325. Whilst interesting, the dates don't stir me, it's the older Mayan cities I find of more interest. The drive was hot, I looked at some wonderful beaches, if I was interested in wide open beaches and swimming and heat I would have been in paradise.

Mexcaltitan island was OK, I was there an hour, met a small American group who asked if I would like to take a hitch back with them on their private hire boat - I came collectivo, 8 pesos/person, private hire is 50 pesos/boat load. I took the hitch (I waited an hour for the collectivo boat to depart on the outward trip) and in all the conversation forgot to say thank you. So if it's not too late, and if they are reading this, thanks for the lift Ken and others. !

Small cat has found a shelf high above the window. It's where I keep my camera. I don't know how he gets up there but I've seen him getting down. He falls! There's no space for him to make ready to jump.

Since I've given this little cat anti worm tablets, (thanks for reminding me Page), he has been eating like you just wouldn't believe. Maybe as he has put on weight his tummy has expanded! As I write this I have found I can let him out of the van now without problem, he knows it's home and where the food is, but he rarely goes out unless I am outside too. We have also now gone 24 hours without finding, shall we say a mistake, away from his litter box.

I planned to make a campsite at Laguna Santa Maria del Oro, a crater lake reputed to be 100m deep, the campsite is run by an Englishman but I was running far too late. I pulled in at a Pemex gas station for the night.

Next day there was a jungle view.

And finally I got to see the Laguna Santa Maria del Oro.

I reached the campsite, nice place. The Englishman running it says he wants to retire and I can understand. 30 years running a business even in such an idyllic place is enough.

Next day I took his favourite walk, up out of the side of the crater on to a pass. Took me 3 hours there and back. Wiped me out for the day. I sat and talked with Paul, a teacher from California, holidaying in his RV with his family, for much of the rest of the time, after doing some cleaning etc round the van. I'm staying here again tonight, those hot showers are great!

Lethargy seems to be setting in. It's now another day and I'm still here. About all I have done today is look at the lake and walk around a bit. Except, Paul lent me his kayak so I was able to paddle around a bit too.

Tomorrow I must move on. I'm running out of time. I've only 5 weeks left in Mexico and there is still lots that I want to see.

Best regards

David Barker

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