Mexico 53, 1st July 2004

Before I left the campground I spent a little time cleaning the mud off a top corner of my waste water tank. It has a slight leak when full, presumably resulting from the time it dropped off it's moorings a couple of months ago. It was as I suspected, some of the sealant where the pipes enter the tank had become damaged. I'd already bought some silicone sealer so I daubed that around.

Then I just wandered around Patzcuaro. It's a beautiful little town. All the house shops etc are painted in the same way, and all the commercial names use the same style painted over the doorways, first letter of each word in red, the other letters black, like the sign on the right.

All the roofs are attractive and matching red tiles. It all goes to show what years and years of sensible town planning can do.

I bought a paper - Mexican edition of the Miami Herald! - and sat in the plaza and read it.

Actually there are two plazas close to each other, and I read the paper in the other one................

There's an ex temple, now a library, with a mural on the end wall.

There's a little museum with a reproduction (50 years old) bone and stone floor. In between the stones are animal bones.

And it's 13th century ruin of a pyramid.

There's a nice market where I bought delicious bread. I think Patzcuaro has knocked San Cristabel de las Casas off it's perch as my favourite town. There's not so many museums and similar places here but as a town to be in it's just great. Even the camp site is pleasant. A touch more than I like to pay but worth it.

Next morning I was back in the town. Actually this was the day I visited the museum so the above photos are out of sequence but after that I headed towards the village where they make the wooden furniture.

On the way I looked in at a little village church. As with every other church I have visited in Mexico it was crammed with flowers and the altar screen was quite sumptuous.

I looked at a couple of furniture workshops and pulled off the side of the road. There was almost no traffic so I stayed here for the night. It rained and rained during the night so in the morning I stayed in the same spot, actually writing these notes, until the sun broke through the clouds about 9.30 am.

Best regards

David Barker

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