Mexico 52, 29th June 2004

In the morning I wandered round the Sunday market in Quiroga and bought stuff I mostly didn't need such as batteries for a torch which I later found didn't work. But it was a nice market, it held my attention a long time. One of the local crafts is woodworking, I particularly liked the children's high chairs, only around 100 pesos too, ($10), what a bargain!

I noticed about half a dozen slightly different styles of manufacture, varying probably due to the different workshops, but all attractive. I then took off to drive around the Patzcuaro lake and pulled into an RV park for the night at Patzcuaro.

Next morning I decided to have a look at the central heating furnace and I fixed it. It works! The heater fan recalculates the heated air inside the van, the air for the burner is drawn in from outside and the burnt gases go back outside. The air inlet pipe had become dislodged and the fan was actually blowing air onto the burner flame . This kept blowing it out! Anyway, it works now.

I took regular (collectivo) boat to the Island of Janitzo. It leaves when it's full, or when the captain decides it's time to go.

On the top is a rather unattractive statue of local independence hero Morelos (the town state capital Morelia is named after him).

It's possible to climb up inside and peer at the view from inside his raised wrist.

There was the regular light shower in the afternoon but it soon dries up.

I was sitting at one of those tables but under cover. Notice the style similarity between these rather attractive chairs and the high chairs I liked at the market? There's a local village specialising in wood furniture, they probably come from there, I'll have to go take a look.

Patzcuaro is a pretty colonial style town - colonial means dating back to the time when Mexico was a Spanish colony. There's a couple of nice plazas, when I got back from the island I just wandered around, I'll stay at the same RV park tonight and look around the town again tomorrow.

Best regards

David Barker

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