9th March Mexico 5

So I bought a dictionary. I'd looked up Walmarts address, there were actually 2 in town, I couldn't make head nor tail of it. Then by chance I saw a Walmart, bought my dictionary, and headed out of town. Of course I passed the other Walmart on the way out.

I tried a different technique for the night. With my new dictionary plus some phrase books I cobbled together "I would like to park here tonight" and headed off the main road to a local town. Biggish town but no bar to ask if I could park outside. The streets were far too narrow to park but someone found me an English speaker who eventually found me a back yard to park in. I hadn't thought to buy a big enough reserve of beers to thank everyone involved, I'll get bigger stocks next time. I've not run out but am pretty damn close.

I forgot to include a photo from the butterfly spot. The way most people arrive there.

Makes an old RV seem like luxury travel.

As I checked though my emails I found a problem had occurred with my French tax return so I went back to the Internet cafe of last night to send a few more emails and check on a web site. Later, the road was being dug up in the centre of one town, a policemen waved me up a side street. Up was the right word. Up and up. No signs where to go, no other policemen, so I partly returned to try to find my way round. I got back to the other side, another policeman waved me up another side road. All narrow bumpy roads I kept grounding my tow bar. Of course the roads were full of other drivers trying to find their way round too.

Eventually I got out and saw a dual carriageway road heading my way so I drove alongside looking for a way on. I had just found an entrance when I saw a big sign with arrow saying Globo Aeronautico. I followed it. I was told it was the other side of the next town, Yautepec. The other side of this town nobody had heard of it. I was just about to give up when I stopped to ask a small group. They knew it! I asked them to write down directions but they said they would take me. two girls with a small child got in my van, their father (or grandfather) took off in his pickup and we followed. Wow! That was nice. At the balloon site there was no one there but a local gave me a brochure. There was a phone number, I got someone to ring, (he wouldn't let me pay the phone call) but the balloonist was not there, back at the weekend. The brochure mentioned a restaurant where they took breakfast after the flight, the Dona Jimena, said it was the best in the area. I found my way there, it was closed today it being the early part of the week, but I had a long and pleasant chat with the owner, Martin Resch, a German who had opened the restaurant 13 years ago. I left a note for the pilot, whose name I now forget, and headed on my way.

I found a small road heading up a mountain, I realised it was heading towards radio towers on the top. So I'm close to the top of the mountain, south of Mexico City, in a little clearing in the scrub, obviously people only rarely pass, the well made road has unworn grass growing between the cobblestones. I've got distant twinkly lights for company and oldies are playing on the radio and with a home made margarita in my hand I am pretty well content.............

And with a bit of luck there won't be the cacophony of sound in the morning like there was this morning cockerels starting up at 4.30 waking up the dogs who woke up the donkeys and so on. I tried ear plugs but it didn't make a lot of difference.

Turned out it was a good spot. Hardly a sound, just the occasional unmuffled lorry on the distant highway.

Best regards

David Barker

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