Mexico 38, 23rd May 2004

As I drove down in the morning the views were terrific.

It was jungle, rainforest again, green everywhere, I nearly went back to drive again over the route I went last night when I couldn't see anything due to rain and fog.


Seems that the western edge of the Sierra is often in cloud, due no doubt to the hot moisture laden winds from the ocean being forced up the mountain, cooling, and, well, forming clouds, so when it rains everything stays wet, for a while at least. (Yes I realise all balloonists know all this, but not everyone reading this is as skilled in meteorology as we are!).

As soon as you drop down to the coast there is a dramatic change. Now it's hot and humid, perspiration just clings to you, but the scenery is dry, the ground arid. If it rains, the moisture evaporates almost immediately.

The green in the first picture is because the road was trundling down a river valley where there tends to be more water than normal for the area.

I arrived in Puerto Escondido and went straight to the village of Chila where there was supposed to be a modern day version of the old Mayan etc ball game played each Saturday at 3 pm. I didn't find it. Maybe it's just in the tourist season, or in the winter. After all, May is supposed to be the hottest part of the year here not a good time to be running around playing ball.

I visited the main beach at Puerto Esconidido and traversed a cunningly created path along the coast for about a kilometer. Then a kilometer back. It came on to rain, no one seemed to notice. I walked up and down the main street a couple of times. It's OK.

I parked for the night on a road near some better class houses. I'd noticed a police patrol driving past earlier, hopefully it's on their route.

In the morning I headed to the beach at Puerto Angelito, near where I parked, and had a dip in the Pacific. Even at 8 am the temperature was quite bearable, even for me. But oh, I do hate these crowded beaches..........

I had a look at the Zicatela beach, the big surfing beach here, the red flag was flying (no swimming). I won't waste space by showing you a photo, it was just a beach. I picked up emails and chatted with the internet shop owner, his 2 year old son had the flu. Then he let slip he had a 10 year old daughter. I got presents for 10 year old daughters! I gave him beads! Then he wouldn't let me pay all I owed! I managed to send and receive emails and access the internet, but couldn't update my website. Strange. I copied a CD on one of his computers, but it still wouldn't work on my in car player. He then suggested a computer shop where I could get a cleaner for my CD writer lens which I think is fogged up. I'll be there in the morning.

I went swimming again at the beach photo above but rapidly exited when I noticed what appeared to be sewage in the water. Maybe I'm wrong. I looked at another beach. I'll be there tomorrow. Then I'm heading north, in the direction of Acapulco.

Just now it's raining. But I don't care. I've found a way to improve margaritas. Usually it's one dose of tequila, then 3 doses of the special margarita mix, then lots of ice. I've found that reducing to 2 doses of the margarita mix instead of 3 gives it more kick. Whey hey!

Best regards

David Barker

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