Mexico 34, 16th May 2004

In the morning I took a few more photos of the Kimber family, a couple of photos had not turned out well, and put the lot onto a floppy disk for them. Then I had a try at fixing the power input plug on their laptop, they had not been able to use it for ages because the plug had been smashed. I got it to work for a while, then it wouldn't restart. Susan, Pete's wife, said the power switch was a bit iffy. So I left them with power, I think, but a not at the time working computer. Maybe it's OK now!

I looked around the local beaches again then headed up to Puerto Angel. There's some pretty good beaches around there too. I looked at a few, a thunderstorm came and went, I looked around some more, then parked up for the night near the Zipolite beach.

In the morning a took a few photos of beaches.


Then I went to the local turtle museum which was interesting. I shared the tour with Philippe from Geneva then took a side track to another beach where I found Philippe walking. I picked him up and at the beach we took a tour of the local lagoon. Saw some crocodiles, mostly in pens, but otherwise the tour was a bit of a washout. There were some birds.

and at the booking office for the tour they had some baby turtles.

I gave Phillippe a lift back to the road, I headed north, he headed south. He had a tiny little back pack, room for a bottle of water and a toothbrush, not much else, but he said that was all the luggage he had brought for his 15 day holiday.

I took the direction Oaxaca. The road just climbed and climbed, wonderful scenery. I got right into the clouds - it rained again, for maybe half an hour - then just as dusk was arriving came upon a small town, San Miguel. There was a policeman standing around, I asked it was OK to park in the town square, he said yes, so that's where I've stopped. We're about 8,500 ft up and it's quite cold, I put a jacket on to take the picture. Different to this morning when I was melting. May apparently is the hottest month on the coast.

It was really a bit too late to get a decent picture.

My radio has stopped working. It's stopped and started a couple of times. Now it's stopped and unless it starts itself I won't be able to get it fixed until Monday, tomorrow is Sunday. Of course it was working when the van was at the garage the other day. I'll survive.

Best regards

David Barker


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