Mexico 33, 14th May 2004

You may have noticed I'm moving around now in a much more leisurely way. One reason is, it's hotter, you don't feel like doing so much. It's enough just to sit around and wait until it gets cooler. Which will be about November.............

However this morning was all action. But not on my part. I watched a fisherman fishing from the beach using a hand line. He had caught something pretty big, maybe 20 Kg, and was working hard to bring it in, hauling in the line hand over hand. A 20 Kg fish, at maybe 40 pesos a Kilo, that's a lot of money by any standards. I watched him for the best part of an hour. He was probably using a 15 Kg line and it strikes me it's a pretty hard way to make your living.

There was a second fisherman winding in the line, and eventually a third, just watching.

And then, after nearly an hour of hauling in the line, playing the fish, then hauling the line again, the line broke. I guess you win some, you lose some.

Pete Kimber, the Canadian opening the bar, took me on a tour of the Bahias de Huatulco area. We collected some beers for his bar, booked the van in to get the exhaust gasket fixed, checked my emails, stopped for a beer for us, bought (and ate!) some oysters, and visited some of the bays. I did say he's a tour guide.

Ah. That's Bocana, where we started.

That's around the coast.

And so is that.

In some of the bays the water was calm and gentle. In Bocana, where I am staying, the waves come straight in from the Pacific. Great for surfing, in fact they had a major competition here last week.

We got back and swapped another beer. Pete told me stories of his experiences. Sometimes strange, sometimes stories of the helpfulness of the Mexican people. I understand these stories, I have experienced the same, but with a much longer time here, Pete has stranger stories to tell, and better stories of the Mexican people being incredibly helpful, and often refusing all offers of payment. It's a different way of living here, values are different, but most people are just pleased to help, they are incredibly friendly, Mexicans area a super people. The man who fixed my waste water tank yesterday, and his 2 sons, lined up when I drove away, and waved goodbye until I was out of sight.

Pete's wife Susan fixed a chili dinner. Superb, and even better because it was a change from the eternal steak, which I described yesterday. I'm in front of their house again, but plan to move on tomorrow.

I was in by the garage at 9 am to get the exhaust gasket fixed. Turns out is was not the exhaust gasket it was something come loose but he fixed it. He found and fixed another couple of things that I didn't know about. He also found and fixed a couple of things I knew about and which didn't really need fixing and he fixed them too! Not cheap by Mexican standards at 400 pesos buy then it wasn't a rip off either. Just a job well done. There's a cruise ship in, I went to look at it.

I was amused that I was generally omitted from the tourist hustling. The few who stopped generally started with a tentative, was I from the cruise ship? I guess that just wearing shorts and sandals sets me apart from the well dressed appearance of the cruise tourists. Not to mention I am now an awful lot browner than they are! I had some more oysters. Only 7 today.

These are wild oysters, not the cultivated varieties you get in France.

Here's a couple more views.

I wandered back to La Bocana, had a beer with Pete, borrowed his shower, it's great to have a real shower, took some photos round the house so that he can email them to potential paying guests, and rounded off with photos of the family so that they can be emailed to grandparents who haven't seen the family for years. Now tomorrow I AM moving on!

Best regards

David Barker

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