4th March 2004 Mexico 3

Sorry about all these repeated mails! I was trying to add everyone's address onto my web based email. Two main problems. First, with Outlook Express I am used to just clicking on any address that appears in the headers, whether in the from, to, or cc fields and getting the option to add to the address book. Doesn't work like that with my webmail. You have to cut and paste addresses.

Second thing was, I was working with Outlook Express open. I've set it up so that when I am on line it jumps in and downloads mail every 5 minutes. So every 5 minutes OE would leap in and download my mail, so removing it from my web site!! When I realised what was happening I could get round that one!

So, back to the trip. I got into Mexico. It was real easy, I was just waved through everywhere. I couldn't understand it until I got to the immigration check about 20 miles into my journey. I should have called in to immigration to complete the papers. There were no signs, no one told me! It's all done now.

First night I turned off the road into some trees. The next day I visited Cuidad Victoria and found a Walmart. The second night was a picnic spot by a waterfall, lovely and green. The next day I visited San Louis Potosi and found another Walmart. Then I found what I had been running around searching everywhere, the Mexico's "Red Guide" showing maps and town plans of Mexico. Of course I'd already got the Lonely Planet Guide to Mexico, The Rough Guide to Mexico, and the People's Guide to Mexico, and the Rough Guide map of Mexico. But I wanted, and eventually got, the Guia Roji. Roji is the name of the publisher and doesn't actually mean red, but who cares.

In San Luis Potosi I noticed the hotel Simon and I had stayed at on our little aeroplane trip to Costa Rica, and drove past a few of the sights we saw. That night I found a big rock near the road, and hid behind that. I paused briefly in San Felipe and actually took a photo in Dolores Hidalgo.

In San Miguel de Allende I took a walk around. I bought a book with two walks, I'll do the other tomorrow. It's a nice town, lots of Americans have homes here, there's a good climate. Here's the parish church.

I think I might be able to send an email so I have returned to my parked van to write everything. Of course I'm not far from the main square. Just to prove it I stood on the square and took a picture. There's quite a lot of traffic. My newly bought (in Cuidad Victoria, from a friendly camp ground host) Camping Guide to Mexico advises owners of RV's not to even contemplate risking the narrow cobbled streets in the centre. I think it might be a bit tricky in a 40 ft coach, if you don't know the roads. Yikes! A tourist bus has just slowly driven past me, the driver was eating a tub of icecream.

I was almost finished with these notes when a drum beating became rather close. It was a Mexican Indian dance around the town square. I've no idea why.

Now I'll go and find if I can send this email..........It's real handy being able to write it and be in sight of the square.

I've already explored a spot to park tonight, just outside the town on some scrubland behind a church. I'll be OK unless they close the chain on the entrance, and it doesn't look as though they use it, the chain that is.

Ah. Just for anyone concerned about my health, I have slightly modified my modus operandi. I now lock the doors at night. I don't fix the windscreen cover since you can't drive away with it fixed. I keep a big torch nearby. And I've bought a tyre walloper, so I can whack my tyres with it and check they are full pressure, just like a real truck driver. I keep it real close at hand in case I should get an urgent need to go wallop my tyres.

Best regards

David Barker

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