Mexico 25, 25th April

I stopped in Escarcega to see if I could fix the windscreen crack. A guy I met in Calakmul had said he thought there was a system to stop a crack spreading. I asked around in the town and finished up with a windscreen specialist who said he could fix it. He got an old hacksaw blade and made a new scratch at right angles to the one I was worried about, then charged me 100 pesos for about 5 minutes work. I had shopping and stuff to do in the town, then I noticed the crack had not stopped spreading, so I went back. My rip off guy tried again but only managed to make the crack longer. He gave me my 100 pesos back. I don't really know if I was glad he had his just deserts and failed to rip me off, of if I was fed up that his "cure" did not work.

I continued on to Palenque. I was thinking hard about this tyre repair, I wasn't really happy about it, also wondering if I needed new shock absorbers, and I knew I need an alignment check. I found people who could supply, or check everything, and I promised to return tomorrow.

I returned to the camp site where I had stayed before and hurtled directly to the showers.

In the morning I re visited the ruins. I found lots of stuff I had missed before, and was able to look at much that I had seen with a much more experienced eye. I hadn't seen this guy for example.

I was still impressed by the way it was all on the edge of the mountain, and the jungle.

Also there were so many ruins close together.

I melted back to the campsite and jumped in the pool. Someone remarked it was too warm to be refreshing but it suited me fine. I'm not into cold water dips. It's nice, a pool next to the jungle.

Also the waterfalls by the ruins.

I went back to town to do the stuff on the van. They'd forgotten it was Saturday today and they had not told me they closed at 2 pm. I managed to buy a new tyre to replace the patched one, and wondered whether I should get 2 more. The price was OK, 830 pesos, not fantastic, but OK.

I melted back to the campsite and jumped in the pool. I asked someone if they knew what the temperature was today. Don't know they said, hot. There are power hookups here, so I was able to run the van air conditioning. Nice.

I'm going to head south in the morning, to the ruins at Yachilan and Bonampak. I think I'll make it a short visit, I do need to be heading for cooler climes. I'm having to be very careful with my driving to stop the engine overheating and whilst for a month now I've been encouraging the refrigerator by stocking it up with bags of ice, it now won't get cold enough to keep things frozen in the frozen food section.

Best regards

David Barker

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