In the morning I headed towards Xel-Ha. It a sort of eco theme park. Beautiful lagoons. Lots of stuff like swimming with dolphins

Yes they are jumping over the swimmers! There are fish everywhere. Go to the right place the sea is full.

There are some beautiful cenotes. Cenotes you may remember are freshwater sources, coming from the underground rivers, sometimes accessible because the roof of the underground river has collapsed.

The whole area here is stuffed full of iguanas. You see them everywhere, in the jungle, around the Maya ruins. I've not mentioned them before because they are so, well, common. Road signs say, mind the iguanas. Here's one. Normally the tail goes on for ever, almost twice the body length. In common with many of it's kind, this one has lost some of it's tail.

I asked if I could park outside the park for the night but they told me it's not allowed. Miserable lot.

So I've finished up on the beach at Tullum. There's been the most amazing thunderstorm. Multi forked lightning the such of which I've never seen before. Then the thunder! I've never heard such loud thunder, not ever in my life. Heavy rain for a while, but not really much in total.

Best regards

David Barker


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