Mexico 19, 15th April


I wandered around and said goodbye to everyone and headed off to Akumal. There I found the Yal-Ku lagoon, what an amazing place to swim.

Then to Actun Chen, with an amazing cave system, oodles of stalactites

and lots of places with tree roots growing down,

they need to drop 36 ft (12 metres) to reach the water level. Just about all of the Yucatan, remember, is limestone rock, with just a thin layer of soil above. Underground rivers are everywhere. Here the cave system finishes with an underground cenote, a freshwater spring.

Another view

About halfway down the picture of course is the water level, the rest is the reflection.

After I left here it was too late to go anywhere else so I picked up emails at Akumal and headed back to Xpu-Ha where I knew there would be a place to park. I got invited to dinner again by Pierre. It was the same dinner as last night, heated up, but that's how you go, It's fine with me. Followed by a pleasant chat. Turns out he is a Christian since age 32 he's now 52 so I had an analysis of how his problems were solved by his beliefs and how he analysed my problems. I hadn't actually realised I had these problems, but there you go.

Best regards

David Barker


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