22nd March Mexico 10

Next day I headed north, to Campeche which is, apparently, due south of New Orleans. Nothing much to see on the way but I liked Campeche. Walked around the town in the first evening and watched a musical fountain

Parked up in the tourist office car park. Here's the view from my parking spot

There's something to be said for this boondocking. I'll bet most people in expensive hotels don't get that view from their bedroom window. Walked and drove around the town in the morning, visiting various museums, mostly fascinating, then got the front disk brake pads replaced. Similar stunt to before, I got driven around to a couple of places to find the pads, I paid cash, got a 20% discount because it was a garage order. The garage owner pocketed the invoice for the pads, didn't give me a receipt when I paid his bill. No problem for me but it doesn't take a financial genius to work out that, used correctly, that's a pretty good method to minimise your tax bill. I got change from $20 when I bought the pads, the labour charge was $15. Wow! I wanted the rear brakes checking but it was too late so I arranged to go back in the morning and went to a crummy sound and light display and parked up again in the tourist office car park.

I don't know what exactly the garage did in the morning. Well, actually I do know what they did, I just don't know why! He took out the half shafts to take out the back wheels and get to the brakes. Anyway after 3 hours he seemed happy everything was OK, I paid the bill, $25, and continued on to Edzna, a Mayan city. My photos don't do it justice so you don't get to see them. Bit it was an amazing place. I carried on to the sound and light display at Uxmal, that was good. I'd read that you could park overnight for a nominal fee. I asked and was told $10. I didn't count that as nominal, just to park overnight, so drove to the end of the road and parked for free in a pull off opposite a hotel. It rained and rained during the night, I'd left my centre windows open, and a few things like sheets and seat cushions and my clean shirt got wet. They're dry now.

Uxmal was great. I walked round and round in the morning, went back to the van for lunch, then walked round again. My legs were nearly dropping off I'd done so much walking..

My photos are not doing the place justice. The size of the buildings, the size of the blocks used, the height of the buildings, the size and quantity of the intricate mosaics, my photos cannot show the scale of the things. You'll have to come here and see for yourself.

Pyramid del Adivino

This is the doorway at the top of those steps.


Skull and crossbones!

There were lots of people there. Most noticeable were the French, both by their numbers, bus loads of them, and the fact that they never stopped talking. Of course the French are into culture. Maybe that's why I am here, I've been exposed to the French systems....

So on to Kabah. This is most notable by the almost bizarre way masks of the rain god Chac are repeated over and over again on the front of one building

The round bits are the eyes, the squarish section in between, slightly lower, is where the curved nose has broken off.

There are 5 sections like this, around 300 masks in total. Below is the only one that is more or less complete

So I am now in the Kabah car park, with permission to stay the night. "No problem" the guardian said when I asked. I think he said stay a month if you want but I'm not sure about that!

Best regards

David Barker

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