Letters from America

Driving the pretty roads, from Texas to Vancouver and back


Here are some quotes, opinions from some of the recipients of
my letters. I personally did not think my writings were so
interesting, but there you are......

"Along with many others, I've found your mailings the most immense fun.
Almost a "Year in Provence" quality. Perhaps you should publish
commercially...." Colin Butter, editor, UK Pilots Circular

"Great to get all your news - productivity has fallen off considerably every
morning while I catch up with the latest episode." Tim Chilvers, FIA,

"David, after 51 emails about your trip I still thoroughly enjoy each and
every one." Wayne Mohring, Nebraska

"David, I've lived in the US all my life and didn't even know it had such
neat places! Thanks for the verbal tour!" Herb Hereford, Missouri

"Connie and I are enjoying the emails about your trip. Keep on writing and
sending them!" Gary Barker, Montana

"I thought I had seen just about everything in the US, but you certainly
beat me.
Living vicariously through your journals." Lowell Busching, North Dakota

"We are enchanted by the honest descriptions of the ups and downs" Page
Kalakuka, Arkansas

"I am enjoying immensely the most recent posts" Glen Moyer, Editor,

"I read your every post with great delight. Every one is a treasure" Meg
Graf, Oregon

"I am immensely enjoying your updates." David Drum, Missouri

"I am also missing US Trip 21!! Damn!" Danny Campbell, Iowa

"Yikes! I've heard of people storing paraphernalia in tanks, but socks and
champagne? Who's he hiding them from???" Micki Killingsworth, Texas

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