EEC 17, 4th August 2007, near Korbach Germany

In the morning I spotted a balloon in the distance. It was high and moving fast. I chased after it but I was too late. It descended, and I got totally confused by the local maps, obviously the people who built all these old roads and villages did not correctly consult my map and they put all the roads in the wrong places.

So I gave up.

I passed a lake with mist rising.

Then I found a metal sculptor.

It was here I found my glasses were missing. I drove back some 10 miles, to the last place I remembered using them, but no sign. I do have spares, but I liked those.

House designs are starting to change as I move east.

Well I suppose the next picture could be anywhere. It looked good when I was looking at it though.

I had reckoned that I was supposed to be travelling and not supposed to be stopping and and looking at everything but I noticed a technical museum, open 9 am to 6 pm. It was only 5 pm, the lady said come back at 11 am. Oh well.

I was wondering where to spend the night. I was in a national park, which restricts off road driving. I was close to an autobahn and noticed there was a rest area close by. Ah! You are permitted to overnight park at a motorway rest area. I investigated and was pleasantly surprised. The rest area was down a dip, I parked close to the edge, and couldn't hear the motorway traffic, not at all.

This next is for Tom, who thinks my current obsession is toilets. I needed a pee, so I went to investigate. Now most all the other guys here jump out of their cars and do it against the hedge, but not me, I went to the toilets. There was an attendant and a sign that said 50 cents please. Wow! At that rate, on a bad day, I could get through $5, just for peeing. That's about what I spend on food.

The 50c was fixed rate, so I upgraded my toilet requirements.

During the morning I looked for signs of the iron curtain, which was here, dividing east from west. I couldn't find anything. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Or maybe it was so much hated that all traces of it have been removed. After all it was 19 years ago. There was a sign on the autobahn saying something, 1945 to 1989, but I didn't see anything to either side.

House styles are certainly changing.

Another village.

This is a British phone box. Exhibiting the signs why it was stopped being used in the UK, 5 broken panes of glass, and busted door closer. Nice to see it though.

Oh no. Not another photo of a village.

This is more of the local house construction

The churches have also changed. They are now west European, note the tower in the centre of the photo.

I cut off the main road, up a minor road, spotted a track, and took it. There was a semi abandoned chalet at the end. No doubt at one time it was someone's pride and joy. But it made a nice quiet spot for the night.

Best regards

David Barker

Now in Duisberg, Germany

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