Czech Republic, 26th July 2007

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BBC UK had an item about the heat wave I experienced in Hungary.

* Hungary heat wave kills hundreds *
Up to 500 people in Hungary have died in a heat wave in the past week, a top health official says.
Full story:

So I moved on. I hit the 4 museums no problem and nearly got a fifth. The first was a lumberjack museum. There were a few items I had never seen before, the caretaker gave me a guided tour, in limited English, and then flatly refused when I tried to pay the entrance fee. The next was a folk museum, OK. Then came a water wheel driven flour mill and associated bakery, OK too. Then the Bad Ischel transport museum, a total and utter shambles. I loved it! There were all sort of items, from small motor powered bicycles to jet planes, all stacked up next to each other, on top of each other, even round the back were you couldn't properly see them. There were the weirdest and gigantic trucks, some on caterpillar tracks.

I don't know everything on the photo below, but there is, at least, the back end of a helicopter, an open to air contra rotating helicopter, a couple of fire engines, a glider, an old horse drawn cart, part of an aircraft displayed without wings, the back of a Saab jet, and 5 bikes with small motors.

There was a balloon basket out of the picture on the left, and stuff on the ground that I can't now identify, behind the pilot.

They had a formula 2000 racecar, a 6 wheel racing go cart, a GT40, even a tractor pulling tractor.

This a town centre in north Austria. Just now I forget the name, I guess the people who live there would think that's important. It's pretty though.

I pulled in for the night next to a river. There was another camper van, I asked the driver if he thought it OK to park for the night. He said yes, he thought so, it was his second night there.

In the morning traffic started before 6 on the nearby main road. It was awful. At about 6.30 I pulled on a tee shirt and drove on. After 10 minutes, just the other side of the river, away from the main road, I settled down and went back to sleep.

Actually, here the view was better.

I'll bet there not many English people bought a house with an address in that first village.

The views however were superb. I didn't realise there were hills in this part of Austria, north of the Alps.

Actually it has been rather fun, driving through, or past, towns that were important on some of our balloon flights. We would sometimes have to repeat the name several times before our retrieve could find it. Since we all were using the same maps it was in this area we developed our directional system for position location, for example, 6 inches left, and 2 inches down, from Salzburg. With GPS today this is not needed. Takes away some of the fun.

Here's a castle.

and a pretty town.

I'm now in the Czech Republic, I took a pretty route alongside a lake. There were 100's of campsites, all packed full, seemingly mostly with Dutch people, they were everywhere. I've seen lots of Dutch cars everywhere, in every country I've visited. There can't be anyone left in Holland to run the country. The road along the lake was actually quite pretty, through woods and such like, unlike the road along the Hungarian Lake Balatal.

I stopped at a famous pretty town, Cesky Krumlov. Actually I nearly didn't stop. The town was pedestrianised with car parks around the outside. I don't generally go for this sort of stuff. I finally sprung 2 Euros to park and visited the town. Nice but not so much better than many others, not enough to justify the 1000's here and the only 10's at the others.

Certainly the view down from the castle was superb.

I'm not sure of the camping car situation in Czech Republic so I hid in a wood for the night.

Best regards

David Barker
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