EEC 32b 16th May 2006

Here's the front of the house from another angle, before and after.


Here is the garden, as it was and here it is now, with garage and first try at the drive (you've seen this before)


This is what happened to the drive when it rained and the rain poured off the roof on to the packed stones

Here it is with the gutter I should have put in before, and the new tarmac surface. Doesn't actually look a whole lot different to the packed stones I had before when they were new but it will wear better.

Here the back of the house as it was and as it is now - I'll finish that next year.........


My balloon insurance was due to run out on the 5th May. The insurer emailed to remind me to renew. I replied sorry, I'm away for 6 months in a week or so, I'll renew when I get back, pity you can't give me a 2 week extension. Amazingly they replied yes we can. So I managed to squeeze in a flight with the village mayor, he knew everyone we saw during the flight, we had nice drinks at his house afterwards. A touch later than one might expect, because Richard who was retrieving took a long time to find us. Not really his fault, we had misunderstandings on the radio, our path took us over roads that all crossed our route, none followed anything near our track, we didn't have portable phones as back up - I'd left mine switched on and the battery was flat. But it was a super flight. I took a photo of several neighbours houses and one of my own.

I've got the garage somewhat organised even with space - just about - for a vehicle.


.The balloons are in the baskets.

I'd just finished 32a ready to send and there was a storm in the night, with one enormous crash of thunder. In the morning my phone was not working. I took it off the extension cord and plugged it in on the main plug. It still didn't work so I checked the phone itself was OK, by plugging it in at a neighbours, and phoned France Telecom. When the engineer got here he found everything was OK outside, and checked the main socket. It worked. When I checked I found that I'd forgotten to take out the extension, I'd plugged into the back of the extension lead.

I soon discovered the fault was the modem in the desk top computer, it had obviously blown in the night. So because the fault was in the house, and not in the outside wiring I had to pay the cost of his visit. France Telecom did warn me that if it was my fault I would have to pay so I can't complain. But I can think of a few happier ways to spend 80, about $100.........

To finish it off, the local computer store didn't have a new modem in stock so I bought a used one. It didn't work, my computer kept crashing when I switched it on, so I phoned them, they've ordered a new modem for me. No big deal, it's costing all of 15. I'll let you know if that one works. Meanwhile I'll transfer these emails to my laptop, and send from there, the modem on that computer is still working.

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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