EEC 29, 22nd January 2006

I hope you had a super Christmas. I did. I collected Eleanor in Paris, arrived at my sister Helen's in Yorkshire, went out for dinner at her son Toby's restaurant. Well, it's not actually his restaurant, he's the chef. Oh, superb! It's the Star in North Dalton. Christmas with Helen and all her family was good too.

Then down to Farnborough near London to see my son Daniel and my grandchildren. They're great! Eleanor had now decided she wanted to see in the New Year in London with her boyfriend Johann so change of plan. First Johann was coming in his new MG, then he wasn't. While going to collect his new car his parents skidded off the road, twice, in the icy conditions. So he came by train, which was 2 hours late...... Never mind. I looked around London with Eleanor, she knows great places I never knew about, such as Pimlico market. It's hard keeping up with your children.

I went to visit Colin Butter for New Year. On New Years Eve we went to the Watermill Theatre who were putting on a version of the Jungle Book. That was fantastic. If the theatre was always like that I'd go more often. We saw in the New Year quietly, only destroying one bottle of champagne. Eleanor was at some all night rave, they enjoyed it apparently, I collected her at 10 am and we headed for the ferry. I stayed at their place in Paris and got back home on the 2nd January. 3,300 km driven in total.

Back to the garage roof. While I was living at Villiers le Morhier I bought some incredibly expensive roof insulation for a specific problem, then we decided to sell the house. So It finally found a good home for it insulating my garage roof. The stuff is 9 layers of different materials, compresses to about 1/8", and is equivalent to 8 inches of fibre glass.

Well, that was the before. Here is the after.

And here is quality control.

Now to the other side. I ran out of the expensive silver stuff insulation so used regular roof liner.

But I even ran out of that. I filled in with some plastic bin bags! So although rather more than half the roof has been insulated with material costing around 10 Euros m2 (roughly $1 ft2) part has been done with material costing about as close to zero as you can get.

And this is almost finished. The ridge tiles still need to be fitted.

I've now done the ridge tiles but don't have a photo. The garage doors are now installed and work.

I had a bright idea and bought a wood burning stove. It works great. Now I'm warm. But I didn't have wood. Eventually I found a source, offcuts from a sawmill. But the minimum order was 3 m3, that totally filled my van and my trailer. The wood is too long for my fire but Andre says I can use his circular saw which is much faster than my own chain saw. Whatever I do it will take a while to empty it all out.

I've started on the garage electrics. Currently the lights for the workshop end are OK but I still have the main lights and the power points to install.

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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