EEC 17 addendum

Somehow, probably because I got carried away by Mila's super photos, I managed to miss out some important photos from my last email, Markus and Mila continuing on with their journey back to Germany.

And, almost more important, I didn't show you a picture of my new little cat. She's all black, except the tail, which has a touch, just a touch, of brown. And she's thin, so thin.

Not a very good picture, she was very timid. I'll get a better photo later.

Which reminds me, I haven't heard news about my original Little Cat. I'll have to ring.

I just phoned and spoke with Oren. It's bad news. Real bad news. Little Cat has gone missing. He went out to the woods about a week ago, as he usually did, and this time didn't come back. Oren says they killed a few snakes recently, they think maybe a snake got him. Seems he was happy with his life there. He used to be sitting waiting when Oren got back from work, and would sit on his lap during the evening. Oren just told me, he thought he was a special cat. Actually I KNOW he was a special cat. I've had several cats, some I've loved, but Little Cat was really special. You remember, there's 160 photos of him on my website? He's here.  Birana, Oren's daughter, loved him too, she came on the phone to talk about him.

There's a chance he may come back, but it's a slim chance. I think he's gone. He was my friend, my little pal, for almost 6 months of my travels. I was thinking about him, only a couple of days ago, wondering, imagining, if he would remember me when I called back to see him. Seems I'll never know.

I'll admit, tears are streaming down my face right now, it's hard to see the keyboard.

What a sad coincidence, to find a new little cat, and to lose the old one, all at the same time.

Best regards

David Barker
Mirande, France

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