Canada 33, 23rd August 2006

I'm told that the animals I heard, which I wondered about, whether they were wolves or coyotes, could be either wolves or coyotes. Gee! That really sets my mind at rest. Thanks to Jerry in Ontario for that information.

However Jerry did give me some real information for anyone visiting Vancouver and not wanting to be ripped off. There is a suspension bridge with free entry very close to the rip off bridge. It actually sounds better. But because it and the gardens are free they don't have money to publicise it. The whole of this British Columbia site seems excellent, I wish I had found it earlier.

It must be almost 40 years since I last met Jerry. Isn't it wonderful how one can renew old acquaintance through the Internet?

However this is a travelogue not an old time memory site. To business!

I took an early morning walk along an old trail. Created in the 1980's and improved in 1992 I don't think it's been touched since. This is part of the trail.

I enjoyed the stroll, about 2 km..

Rest areas in BC are often close by interesting places or trails. So I generally stop by and take a look.

This was a park. I've never seen so many picnic table in the same place.

It was the same looking the other way, I guess there's lots of people go at the weekends.

I stopped for lunch. This was the view taken sitting down at my picnic table. Wow!

Then I found a BC Forest recreational site and dozed for almost 2 hours. I sat up long enough to take this picture.

Butterflies stopped by, taking a quick pause on my jeans.

The pink bit must be me - I was not wearing a shirt - but I'm not that colour. Who cares?

This was another rest stop.

This was a waterfall at McBride.

There was a bigger one higher up.

Doesn't look much on the photo but I would guess getting on for 200 ft high. Exchanged some pleasant words with a couple there, amazed to find another visitor, because these falls are not in the guide books. Aha! I found out because I made friends with the lady in the library.

I climbed up the side of the mountain. Up, up, and up. The visitor information told me they suggested 4 wheel drive for this climb. I've got 4 driving wheels, all on the back, but I don't think that is what they meant. It really was up, up, up. It was a steady, steep climb for 3 miles or so, then a really steep bit. I floored the accelerator - I had for a long time been driving in first gear - I crossed my fingers and made the last bit of the climb.

The viewpoint was amazing. I tried to join the next three photos into a panorama view but couldn't get it to work although I've done it before! This is looking right.

Then to the centre

Then left

The river is the Fraser River which, after the first bit, I have been more or less following from Vancouver.

The chinook salmon were spawning at Valemount. To get here they have to swim about 1400 Km up river, at around 25 Km per day it takes them 10 weeks to get here. After leaving the salt water sea they don't eat. The females lay 2,000 to 8,000 eggs. Only about 5% of the salmon survive their journey to the spawning grounds and each year there are only a few hundred salmon that make it back here - they come back to their birthplace. The young that survive the predators swim down to the Pacific to grow to adulthood then return here, the place of their birth.

I looked at the very well arranged museum then headed off the find a BC forest campsite. It wasn't there so I just pulled off on to a quiet corner.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in Canada

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