Canada 31, 18th August 2006

Today is my birthday. Well it will be by the time you read this. I'm 68. And just in case anyone feels the urge to write to me for whatever reason, please don't send me back all my ramblings and my photos. Delete them! Although, so far, there's not many on this email.

After leaving Lillooeter the route, although pretty, was not so full of amazing views. I was intrigued by the different colours in this lake.

I called in at Hat Ranch - at least that is what I think it was called, it left so little impression, I've forgotten. For $7, you get a 100 metre ride in a stage coach, there are some old, unmarked farm implements, that's about it. Shades of my Vancouver rip-offs.

I'm now heading north on the 97. I called at the little museum at Clinton, and diverted to see the Chasm. Both were OK.

I turned off the 97 to see some pretty lakes then turned off again to park for the night. I found a neatly gravelled track and stopped at the end. Well I had to stop, it just finished. I tried to turn around but couldn't manage it, there just wasn't enough space. Well you could have turned a bike around but not this thing. No big deal, I'll reverse out in the morning, it's only about a quarter mile, I can drive backwards.

I stopped at the town called 100 mile house. A beautiful and friendly small town, with a lake, and a waterfall, if you can find it.

There was a museum at 108 mile house. At 150 mile house I bought a new (used) front tyre, the previous one was wearing out.

I'm on the old gold trail. It started at Lillooet, the towns are called after their distance from Lillooet.

My next stop was Williams Lake. Because of a financial dispute the old gold trail didn't go through Williams Lake.

But my son Daniel was there, he spent the best part of a year in Canada working here as part of his forestry degree. I called at the local forestry research office, Dawn remembered him, from 9 years ago. Daniel tells me he has only a hazy recollection of the bars and the cowgirls while he was at Williams Lake................

Certainly this is a rodeo centre and the museum has a fascinating section on the contestants and their equipment, saddles and the like.

Just a few miles to the north was a sign to a ski area. Presuming that this would not be well populated in the summer I followed the sign, and stopped at a trailhead for the night.

Best regards

David Barker
On the way to Barkerville

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