Canada 30, 18th August 2006

In the morning I caught another couple of mosquitoes. They squashed red which meant they had been eating me. Actually they don't bother me too much nowadays. They used to, but I think now I've been bitten so much I'm partially immune. A quick dab of sting ease, or something similar, the bites don't bother me any more.

I took this photo through the van window just adjacent to my night parking. (No I'm not winding down those windows until I'm well clear of this place.......)

Here's a few more photos I spotted on the way.

Looking at this stuff makes you wonder how they possibly can have the have the gall to put "Beautiful British Columbia" on their licence plates..........

I'm beginning to think, maybe, when I've seen British Columbia, I can stop travelling. Just like, after I had owned a 3.4 litre Jaguar Mk 2, I totally lost interest in cars, they used to be a passion, but I knew I would never own anything better than a Mk 2 Jag. So I didn't look for anything better.

Did you notice the birds on the dead stump?

I count six. The yellow one arrived after I took the main photo.

Now I was getting away from Vancouver things were improving. On the way I counted 5 free National Forest camp sites. Nice places too, next to a running river.

I had an interesting visit to the museum at Lillooet and an interesting chat with the museum manager. There were various artefacts I hadn't seen before, I was intrigued with 2 sets of stag's antlers, locked together, presumable caused by fighting, and then, presumably, because they could not separate, they would have starved to death.

I moved to an official but free electric company camp site. Took a photo of a deer, I said I had taken enough photos of deer but he had nice antlers.


Also talked to a pleasant couple from Switzerland. Surprisingly there was another Swiss couple here. I'm seeing quite a large number of rented motor homes, I suspect there are a large number of foreign visitors.

They remarked on something I had been noticing. Canada is expensive! I've noticed petrol is expensive. About 50% more than the USA. Drinks are more expensive, by about that same 50%, whether it be beer, wine, or my occasional tipple, brandy. I haven't made anything like an exact check, and I've not looked at a wide range of items but everything, so far, costs more. Meat, potatoes, sausages. My staple diet!

Hey, if I lived here, I would be back and forth over the border, bringing back those things you can legally bring back. Of course, I don't know, I don't live here, maybe there are laws against bringing anything back.

I noticed another thing against Vancouver which confirm my rating of rip-off capital of the world that I know. They do Paragliding from Grouse Mountain, $190 for a flight 15 to 20 minutes, with a pilot. Move just up the road to Whistler, a resort where the word cheap would not be an appropriate word for anything found there either, and you can take a 30 minute floatplane flight for $119. Now that strikes me as way better value - I would have taken a flight myself if I had known about it while I was there.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in Canada

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