Canada 24, 2nd August 2006

Next day I did another couple of trails, the first one to an old homestead. The original homesteader managed to cut down enough of the huge trees to make a 35 acre homestead. At the time settlers were allowed to claim 160 acres but had to show 50% under cultivation within 5 years. I am not surprised he didn't go for the whole 160 acres and stayed with 35.

It rained heavily while I wandered the trails. Well, after all it is a rain forest. The moisture laden air blows in off the Pacific, hits Mount Olympus, climbs, cools, and it rains. Just imagine, 144 inches, 12 feet, 3.7 metres, of rain every year. And people say it's always raining in Manchester. It's green here, everywhere.

I had company by the homestead.

She liked apples.

Her mate arrived, he liked apples too but I didn't take a photo of him eating an apple. When you've seen one, you've seen them all.

I finished off the visit with another walk through the rain forest then headed off to the coast. I've never seen so much driftwood nor in such big chunks.

Nice coastline.

The visitor centre in Forks had a sign up free wireless internet access 24/7 inside or outside. What nice people. I picked up emails and stopped at Ace hardware to buy a plug for my charger. A real one, with screws to attach the wires, so you could be sure of what was happening. It cost $1.19. Rather less than the cost of the new computer.

That got my charger working. The inverter stopped and started a few times, then ran normally. Since then it has been a touch erratic. I'll watch it a bit longer, and maybe replace it.

You notice earlier I said the new computer, not my new computer. When I bought it the girl told me, several times, that I could return within the next 15 days, to any Walmart store. So I am thinking about it.

I carried on towards an area of the National Forest that looked suitable to park for the night. Then I saw a sign Rayonier recreational park. I jammed the anchors on, slid to a halt, and reversed back to enter. Rayonier are the people who run the free site I stayed at last night, with the nice lake, I also stayed there a couple of days earlier on the way to Lake Quinault. I think they own large tracts of forest. They don't let you in to their bits of forest but I think in return they run these free sites.

I found a nice site next to the river. This is straight across the river from my parking spot.

This is looking upstream.

And this is downstream.

I think I'll hide my camera. Only one day and over 500 Kb size email.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in the USA

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