Canada 19, 21st July 2006

I'm getting behind with my journey reports. (You're probably getting behind reading them!) But in my case it's all the fault of these friends I call on. If I spend my evenings watching Bill paragliding or chatting to Meg, I don't get my journal written. But it seems to be sorting itself out. People seem to know I am coming and are leaving town. When I phoned Jim he was in a rush to go to his grand daughters wedding. Jeff Drilling from Portland had already arranged to be out of town until 30th July. Greg Winker in Seattle thought I would be earlier and left town. Now he has found out that didn't do the trick he's off again on a family holiday until 30th July.

I think I'll maybe stop telling people in advance that I might call......................

However, back to my journey. I left my super camping spot and continued on towards Salem, because I didn't yet know Jim would be going out of town. A little ways down the road I noticed a car and a tent the other side of the river, and it prompted me to take the next turn left to look at the river from the bridge. About 100 yards down the road, hidden from people passing on the main road, was a sign that said "back country byway" Oh-oh. That's the sort of sign that I find irresistible. In spite of my experience with the "loop" road yesterday I carried on.

After about a mile there was an information board. It told me it was 50 miles to the other end. It also told me that the dark band in the centre of the route marked an area that was available for recreational mining............

Later, I noticed miners at work, and talked with a miner. Actually he was fishing at the time, but he showed me some of the gold he had found through panning. Small flakes in a bottle, about $20 worth yesterday, $40 last week.

I digress. The drive was beautiful. I'll shut up and show you some pictures.

That's it. No road junctions, just a few walking trails leading off. A single track road, with passing places. For 50 miles.

It seems the river can get quite fierce. This used to be a bridge.

There's a lake, with a dam, at the end. This is the view up.

And this is the view down.

I phoned Jim, found he was headed out of town, so decided to stay here. I visited the fish hatchery and retraced my steps a little up river, there were dozens of spots to stay. I didn't park next to the lake but pulled off into an old logging area on the other side of the road.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in the USA

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