Canada 18, 20th July 2006

This little stream has an interesting story. Around 40 years ago a natural dam burst and left debris, boulders, mud, etc, along the course of the stream. Bulldozers were brought in and everything was cleared, leaving the stream running along a straight (and boring) trench. After 30 years someone thought that this could be improved and the totally artificially constructed stream below was the result.

Bends in the river were calculated and constructed with reference to the calculated gradient, Gravel was brought in for the stream bed and boulders dotted here and there. Seems OK to me.

I continued through Bend in the direction of Eugene. More nice views.

There were some nice views from the observatory on the McKenzie pass. It was just possible to see Mount hood 80 miles away although it is barely discernible on a photo. Below is another mountain with lava in the foreground. Lava does not come out well on my photos either.

I continued with a very pretty wooded drive, and diverted a short distance to look at some hot springs Janet had told me about but I wasn't tempted. The pool was hot, certainly, and a good temperature for bathing, but there were people already there, it wasn't very big,it smelt of sulphur, and was cloudy. I then followed the road alongside the McKenzie river and arrived at Meg Graf's about 5.30. The family were around visiting. Or part of them at least. There were 16 siblings in the family, today three, with families, were on a visit.

Meg is a talented musician playing a whole bunch of instruments, her favourite is Big George, a bass saxophone, which she plays with the Calamity Jazz Band. They've made a CD, Meg has also made one on her own playing ragtime piano. I've got both, they're great, and I mean that. Click here to contact Meg The CD's are $15 each, you'll probably get postage included.

Next day I resumed my travels. I was supposed to be going to Salem, I wanted to call on Jim Desch, but decided to take the pretty route which involved rather a long detour to the east along the 20 and the 22.

Streams are OK. Oops. I took this photo yesterday on the way to Meg's. I'll never live with myself, getting days wrong like that.

Covered bridges are OK too.

I don't know what happened to the day. I took a little road called Lava Lakes Loop which was pretty.

Normally a loop road does just that, and returns to the start, or at least the highway, but after 5 miles it turned into a gravel road so I retraced my steps. Or should I say retraced my wheels?

It was already time to be thinking of stopping for the night, so I turned off onto a road leading to a trailhead, found a turn off that, and parked. It was a great view, I pulled out my folding chair, grabbed a beer, and took in the view.

I must hasten to add, it was not any old beer, it was Fat Tire and it is a pretty good copy of a Belgian Beer. I bought a dozen a while back, and I've been drinking one each day after I've got myself parked for the night. This was the last of the dozen. I need more!

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in the USA

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