Canada 13, 10th July 2006

On the morning descent I was on the precipice side for the narrow part of the track. I hugged the other side so tightly I think I managed to widen the track by the missing 2".

Here's more photos of the whitewater. Now remember, this is a river, not a tumbling mountain stream. There are 5 or 6 rapids along here rated 5 which if it's not as high as you can go in the US it ought to be. Maybe my cousin Gary can enlighten me. He used to go to Peru for his whitewater kayaking because the water was not rough enough here. My goodness!

Oh wow! Twins! Mine's the one at the back.

I printed out a copy of the photo and stuck it under his windscreen. After all, it's only the second Champion TransVan that I have ever seen.

This is Cascade Lake.

Once, 30 years ago, I won a task in the British hot air balloon championships by dropping a marker 12" from the target. The target was a road junction on Barker Lane at Hutton Buscel where my father was born. Here's another Barker Lane but although there are outposts of my Barker family all around the American West I don't think there are any here.

I reached McCall, drove around the lake and pitched up in a camp site just to the north. Here's the view 5 yards from my door. Who wants a 5 star hotel when you can get this for free.

I wasted time in the morning talking to 2 of my neighbours. Well, I enjoyed talking to them. One, working for the forestry, was temporarily living in his car. Because of the resort nature of McCall accommodation was scarce and expensive but now he'd found some potential flatmates, all they needed was to find a place to live. I don't believe he was your typical forester, he was using words like per se, he'd been working in Germany, and knew where the Pyrenees were.

McCall Lake.

I drove around the town. Bought cherries and potatoes at the farmers market. Then surprise surprise I visited the museum. It was fine.

I don't know where the rest of the day went but I finally pulled of at the top of the pass on the way to Hell's Canyon.

There was a big black dog there. Friendly as anything but didn't know his own strength. He would nuzzle up to you and push you over. There were a lot of kitchen towels around with dog mess on them. I tidied them up and guessed someone had got fed up with him and abandoned him. I gave him water, he drank lots. He settled by the back door of the van for the night.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in the USA

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