Idaho, 9th July 2006

The next day showed rather more turbulent waters.

Plus the odd calmer stretches.

These waterfalls are rather special. The water is from hot springs. I mean hot, not luke warm. I stuck my finger briefly in the water. It's hot enough to make coffee. I don't know what the coffee would taste like since the hot water is very effective at dissolving minerals in the rocks, but it's hot enough.

There are interesting - and interested - little critters around. I guess this guy was about 5" long.

This is a waterfall. Whitewater rafters have to carry around, you can just make out a red one man raft newly back in the water.

This is just a pretty view.

I moved up to a different valley. For me it gave a different meaning to whitewater.

This area is just full of views like this.

More whitewater.

I pulled off the road to find a place for the night. It was an interesting climb. The road was about 2 inches narrower than my van and was about 30% gradient except on the inside of the hairpins where it was about 45%. I could have stayed in the pull off at the bottom but that was too close to the traffic for me to sleep quietly. Anyway I didn't know what the climb was going to be like. My normal technique to get up steep hills is to slip the drive into 1st gear then let it idle up. Here I had to floor the accelerator to get movement!

This is the view from my parking spot.

Best regards

David Barker
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