USA 53, 4th November 2006

Next day there was more of the same stuff. I wonder if it would ever become boring, all this beautiful scenery...................

But hey, what's this sign? Watch out for motor cycle stunt riders?

Answer at the bottom of the page.

More pretty stuff.

I think maybe I'm losing my mind. Or maybe I'm just getting too many memories of too many beautiful views, of too many enjoyable days, of too many super events so that all just seem to blur together. Four days later I had to look at the dates on my photos to realise that above was the last photo of one day, and below was the first photo from the next. Then I had to look at my credit card chitties to remember where I had stayed the night! (It was the K-Mart parking in Waynesville.)

But hey! I do know that I am enjoying every second of this trip..............

I forgot to mention that one day I visited the Forest Service discovery centre, well worth the admission fee. Free to Golden Age passport holders - hey that's me! - $5 to everyone else. I also visited the Blue Ridge Music Centre and the Folk Arts Centre and the Linn Cove Viaduct Visitor Centre and the Parkway Craft Centre and took a walk around Graveyard Fields and climbed the Waterrock Knob just to mention a few.

I missed lots of places. Around milepost 420, not far from Graveyard fields, there is a place known as Sam's Knob. There, after a quarter mile walk, is a beautiful meadow. There, the ashes of my friend Max Holland's son Bud were scattered. Because I am often late with my messages, I didn't know until I was a long way past. If you pass by, call, and think of Bud, and Max. I too have lost my eldest son, and I know how it hurts, for ever. You don't think your children will go before you.

This is the next day.

I stopped in a camp site in the Smoky Mountain Park for the night. This was not the view from the site, but nearby,

Then I drove around Cades Cove, a high mountain valley I suspect somewhat similar to Burkes Garden which I visited a few days ago when it was raining. Today was OK.

I watched a grist mill - a flour mill - in action

I've never seen one actually working before. The corn is put in the upside down pyramid, an octagonal shaft vibrates the supply feeder and corn is dropped into the centre of the mill, the top grinding wheel rotates and grinds the corn into the collector bottom left.

I left the park to visit with Bill Humble, a cousin by marriage, in Crossville, Tennessee. After leaving the park, it rained all the way.

Oh. The motor bike sign? It's take care - there's a big bump in the road ahead!

Best regards

David Barker
Now by the beautiful Tellico River in SE Tennessee

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