Canada 34, 26th August 2006

To me, this little chap has an evil glint in his eye. Rather reminds me of Little Cat................

It rained during the night but I got out of my parking spot without problem. I noticed the "check engine" light was flickering on and off. It's done that before in the last few days when I started the engine but it goes out after I have been running for a while. Hmmmm.

On my drive south I noticed a superb waterfall tumbling out of the mountain - the Rockie Mountains - on my left. Sadly with the mist and rain the photo does not do it justice.

I took a pause in a rest area, I vacuumed the van with the vacuum cleaner Danny gave me years ago - thanks again Danny! - and scrubbed up my cooker top. It was still raining so I invited a German cyclist to join me for a coffee. Turns out he's 19, ,just left school, waiting to start teacher training. We dragged out the coffee but it was still raining, so we left, me heading south, him heading north. I'd have given him a lift if we'd been going the same way, it's not too much fun cycling in the rain. Everything gets wet.

I was approaching the Wells Gray Park so took a diversion to make a visit.

There were waterfalls.

And more waterfalls

This one, above, is 141 metres tall.

I pulled into a park campground ($14) for the night. It is 70 Km to get here from the highway, and 70 Km back. There is only one road. I've got more things to see on the way back. This is a sort of salmon leap. Sort of, because it is too strong, they try to get past but never manage it, so they retreat a little downstream to spawn.

I didn't get to see any salmon here, but a couple nearby had seen one trying.

This is a waterfall.

And this is the same one, different angle.

These cute little critters are everywhere. This one is carrying a berry in it's mouth, probably intended for it's winter cache.

Yet another waterfall.

You can walk behind it. I did, and got covered in spray. You can see the path.

I talked with a young couple from Belgium, (young compared to me, I guess they were in their mid 30's), they have taken two years holiday from work, they've been here since April and are considering where to go when their Canadian visa runs out in October. Kris made his motor home in Belgium then shipped it here. Looks nice from the outside. It's got no windows, which means it doesn't look like a camper van, no one can tell if there is someone inside, handy for parking on a city street, but on the other hand, if you are inside, you can't see out!

I continued my journey south. So far in Canada I've been to Vancouver then north to Prince George where I turned south, to come down the other side of the Cariboo mountains, my plan is to head eventually to Princeton, almost on the US border, to visit with Doug, then I plan to head north again, to Banff and Jasper then Edmonton, then back south again to Calgary, then west again for a while before dropping down into Montana.

I had found the location of a BC (British Columbia) Forests recreation site and headed there for the night.

I knew it was the official site because of

My clever map reading (correct distances, and next to a creek)
There is a pit toilet
There is a flat area
There are signs of old camp fires.
It is in a great situation, near the top of a mountain.

But there is nothing else, no sign to say camp site, and no picnic tables.

I had a great drive down the mountain to Kamloops. At the start of the town there was a sign, Visitor Information, straight on. Of course, there was no junction there, there was no choice but straight on. As soon as there was a major junction, there was no more sign.

This seems to be absolutely normal for Visitor Information offices most everywhere .As a lady in a city hall in Washington said, what they are doing is saying, we've got a Visitor Information, now come find us! OK I'll relent a little, it's probably only about 25% that indulge in this game of hide and seek.

I went to the museum. For a town of 84,000 it was pretty mediocre. Then I went to the Indian history museum. There was too much agenda and not enough history for my liking. Then I found the Information centre. What a fabulous view from there! I didn't take a picture because it needed a panorama, it hadn't worked last time.

Then I collected emails. Jon Radowski had stitched my previous panorama together, the one from the mountain at McBride. Now that's a view! Thanks Jon, that's way better than I could have done it. That's if I could have done it at all. (You may have to slide the blue bar at the bottom to get the whole picture)

So how many hotels give you a view like this when you wake up in the morning? Not many, that I know.

I took the pretty road south and passed some lakes with, really, thousands of ducks. I like ducks!

Eventually, I pulled into a rest area for the night, alongside a lake, but no ducks just here.

Best regards

David Barker
On the road in Canada

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